Why Video Content Holds The Power

Marketing and promotion move quickly, and where once it was a small ad in the local paper, it is now social media, online media outlets, magazines, billboards, and emails. Marketing materials can be delivered directly into the hands of your customers – and you are competing with larger companies with a much bigger budget. 

One of the ways that you can compete is to be smart with where you put your marketing budget. Video is one of the best and most powerful investments you can make. So long as they are high quality, typically with the help of a company like fable studios – you’ll have ever-green content that makes a big impact. 

So why is video so powerful?


As a population, we are now used to receiving our ordered items in 20 minutes or 24 hours – no one likes to wait. And what that means is that people no longer want to read 5000 words on why your product is great. A video delivers the same message in less than 30 seconds. You’ll see the product, what it does, why you need to, and how to buy it. 

The speed at which video can be consumed is many times more than the average reader can. 


The trick with great videos is to make sure that it hits some emotive points or is funny. Videos that have some humor or speak to people on an emotional level are more likely to be shared. And while you might be hoping that people are just talking about the product, you might find that you reached an audience you didn’t know you were looking for. 

People who like the same things share videos and content within their circle, which will increase sales chances. 


Every piece of content that you produce as a small business should be to increase your organic traffic. Video has been shown to improve organic traffic by as much as 157%. 

Google looks at things like the sources of the links and how long people spend on the page. Some research by Oberlo shows that people are more likely to stay on the page longer when there is a video. And that blog posts with videos are more likely to have links to them from other websites.

These things mean your SEO will greatly improve with just a short video. 


While many writers work wonders with words and can create immersive pieces of text, humans are visual creatures, and something that we all enjoy is watching something unfold. Video allows marketers to work with skilled writers to create a story that people want to be a part of. 


Investing in video content can also make your business appear more credible. A video can show that you’re serious about promoting your business. Some forms of video content like behind-the-scenes videos can help you be seen as more transparent to potential customers. Pitch videos can even be used to come across as more serious when winning over investors – which companies like this Reg-D 506c equity crowdfunding agency can help with

How & Why

Reading the information and the instructions is one thing, but a video can show people how to use something and why they need it. They can picture using it themselves, and the product starts making sense in their lives. 

You can explain almost anything with a good video. Using video in marketing is just one of the ways that your small business can thrive; here are some more ways to make your marketing work for you: 3 Proven Growth Hacking Tips for Small Businesses – Never Stop Marketing