What is a Virtual CMO

A Virtual CMO is a senior-level (15+ years experience) marketing person that you work with on a “fractional” basis.

Oftentimes companies have the budget to hire a staff of junior-level marketers, but they lack the funds to hire a full-time, seasoned professional that can bring strategy and a foundational understanding of marketing to their company.

A Virtual CMO gives you access to a senior-level marketer that brings the experience to your staff to help temper “shiny object syndrome” and ensure that your team is working on the right campaigns that are going to bring your more customers and increase your revenue.

As your Virtual CMO we can craft a relationship that works best for you:

– Marketing Strategy Review: a one-time review of your marketing strategy along with recommendations

– Short-term ongoing help: a block of hours per month over a short period of time (1-3 months) for me to work with your team on strategy, and mentor them along the way so that they can execute the work on their own once my time is done.

– Long-term ongoing help: a block of hours per month over a longer duration (4+ months)

– Agile Transformation Consulting: if you’re familiar with agile, you know that it’s often used in IT development. However, I have found that applying agile principles to marketing helps make our work more focused, more responsive, and more outcome-driven. I’m available to help organize and guide your marketing team on their own agile transformation.

These are just a few of the ways I can help you as your Virtual CMO.