What Can You do to Support Your In-store Staff?

Your retail staff is working on the frontline, directly interacting with customers and taking care of your stores. Good retail staff can be really valuable, especially if you’re committed to providing good customer service.

They need to have a range of skills, from sales and communication skills to organization, cleaning, and money skills. Many retail workers will leave their jobs if they feel like they’re not being treated fairly, especially because it can be a tough environment to work in.

If you want your in-store staff to stick around for as long as possible and work hard, you have to give them the support they need.

Keep Staff Safe

Safety is paramount when it comes to caring for the staff in your store. They can face a range of problems when dealing with difficult customers, money on the premises, and various hazards that could cause injury.

It’s vital to think about how to keep your staff safe at all times, whether that means hiring security personnel for your store or keeping the store clean and hygienic.

It’s important to have protocols for dealing with money and opening and closing the store, among other things, to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Help Them Have Work-Life Balance

People will often choose retail work because it can offer them a more flexible schedule. Working shifts can allow them to fit their work around studying, children, or other commitments that they might have.

By being understanding and working with your employees to schedule them at times that work for them, you can raise their job satisfaction. As well as being understanding when it comes to shift scheduling, you can also take a compassionate approach to scheduling time off, including sick days, personal appointments, and vacation days.

A better work-life balance creates happier employees.

Deliver Regular Training

Employee training is a big part of ensuring your staff members are able to do their jobs well. It also gives your staff the support that they need, giving them the skills and knowledge that will help them to feel more confident.

You don’t want to leave them to work things out on their own. Use a retail learning digital platform to provide your staff with the skills that they need on the shop floor. Get to know your employees so you can tailor your training approach to them too.

Go beyond just onboarding and deliver training for everyone at regular intervals.

Recognize Their Skills and Talents

Recognizing the individual skills and talents of your retail employees can improve their performance and how your store is run. There are some tasks where you might want them to follow the correct protocols and others where you might allow them to be more creative.

Getting their input and allowing them to make suggestions on how things could be done is a great way to create a collaborative working environment and empower your staff.

Supporting your in-store staff helps to create employee satisfaction and could mean your staff stays employed with you for longer.