Top 3 Things Your Business Wastes Time On Everyday

Time is of the essence, time is money – pick pretty much any saying about time and they all focus on your need to make the most out of it. For a business, you can land yourself in some troubling waters if you aren’t productive with your time. A productive company leads to a more efficient company, which will translate into a high-performing organization. 

Ideally, you need to identify which things your business wastes the most time on. Right now, this can seem like a challenge as it’s not something you’ve considered before. However, you’ll soon notice that most businesses follow similar patterns and waste time on the same things.

Here are three of the most common time-draining aspects of a company that you can definitely improve upon:

Tech issues

How much of your day is spent dealing with major or minor tech issues? There’s bound to be at least one problem that affects one person in your business. Whether this is a piece of hardware not working or a little bug in your software, it drains precious time by demanding attention.

Things are worse when you have major problems as they can shut down productivity until they’re fixed. 

How do you prevent tech issues from wasting your time? For one, you can start by buying the best software/hardware around, which should reduce the chances of issues happening.

Mainly, you need constant IT support to deal with problems before and as they arise. If you click here, you’ll see that companies can easily pay for 24/7 tech support that looks after all the technology in your business. Now, you can focus on your main jobs while someone else handles the tech issues. 


How much time do you spend opening and replying to emails? It might not seem like a lot of time, but you’ll soon realize you spend hours a week doing this.

Emails are important, but they eat into your productivity by preventing you from tackling more important things. 

Two things can set this straight. Consider hiring an admin assistant that deals with all your emails as their sole job, reducing the time you spend on them. Or, think about setting aside an allotted window at the start of the day only for emails. Get through as many as you can, then stop.

Also, reply to emails away from work in your spare time – it doesn’t eat into your productivity and you can chip away at the mountain. 

Cold leads

A cold lead is a lead that has a very slim chance of being converted. Sadly, you waste a lot of time working on them every day. It’s important for businesses to recognize cold leads when you encounter them. Sometimes, it’s better to ditch a cold lead as you’ll waste time trying to convert them. Focus on the warmer leads with more potential, and you become more efficient. This should also lead to more conversions per day!

Avoid wasting time on these three things if you want to see a more productive and efficient business. It’s not hard to implement subtle changes that prevent these things from wasting your time.