Targeting B2B Customers – Thinking Differently

If you’re aiming to build a robust and effective Business-to-Business marketing strategy, you shouldn’t completely abandon the standards ways you might reach the average customer. However, you do have to understand that you’re reaching a different audience that responds to different talking points, often on different platforms.

Here are a few tips on how to better reach your B2B audience and make sure you’re talking the same language as them.

They read emails

If you’re not including a lead capture form on your website, then you could be making one of the biggest mistakes possible for a B2B company. Business owners and leaders tend to check their emails much more regularly than the average person.

As such, collecting their contact information and using email marketing to reach out to them (both personally and broadly) can really help you better guide them down towards the path of conversion. Taking a personal approach is often a better strategy. B2B clients simply need a little more nurturing than the average consumer.

They’re avid listeners

Online radio and podcast advertising has been taking off significantly, but one of the problems has been that it can be hard to define what demographics tend to listen more than they watch or read.

However, that’s not the case with entrepreneurs and executives. They’re known listeners, largely due to the fact that they tend to consume media on the go. As such, sites like can help better reach them through mediums they’re more likely to be engaged with. More and more people are tuning into audio content than they have in decades.

They’re social media users

So what, you might think. Everyone is a social media user, right? That’s close to accurate, but you have to consider which platforms they are more likely to be active on.

Building a LinkedIn presence and creating powerful content for that platform will help you much better reach a core of potential B2B clients than any other social media platform. However, a Facebook and Twitter presence is still largely recommended. They’re active on these channels because they’re also marketing through them, so they’re more likely to spot you there.

They want to meet you

Though physically it might not be the most viable option right now, it is a universal truth that entrepreneurs and C-suite executives have the value of networking drilled into them. If they aren’t already, then you should consider making events such as conferences and trade shows a key part of your marketing plan and annual calendar.

Websites like can help you find all manner of networking events near you, but it’s on you to find the ones that are most relevant and most likely to help you meet your potential clients. You don’t want to spend a lot of time talking to people who don’t have much value to offer your business.

B2B marketing isn’t wholly removed from the kind of marketing you would send to a retail consumer, but it does take a little extra thought. With the tips above, you can give it the extra it needs.