Stay Better Connected With Your Customers During The Pandemic

The fact is that the Coronavirus pandemic that’s sweeping the globe is creating many unprecedented challenges for the global business industry. As multiple countries implement lockdowns and social distancing in a bid to stem the pandemic, the business industry has taken a significant hit, particularly for customer-facing businesses within it. 

The current focus of combating the pandemic – while we await a vaccine or cure – is to distance ourselves from others in society as much as we possibly can. For businesses that work closely with customers on a daily basis, this has been a seriously detrimental step, being unable to see or speak to customers in the usual manner. It’s not easy to keep a business afloat when you’re able to manage your business in the normal way. 

The good news is however, that while you may not be able to see and speak to your customers and potential customers in the same way you would pre-pandemic, the digital age combined with traditional media, means that there are still plenty of ways that you stay in contact with your customers, and potentially even gain new customers. 

Wondering what steps you should consider taking to help stay better connected with your customers during the pandemic? Have a read of the tips below for ideas and inspiration! 

Post regular updates on your website 

A simple way to keep your customers up to date during the pandemic is to post regular updates on your website. The chances are that the first place a customer or potential customer will go to learn more about your services is your website, which is why keeping it up to date is so important.

Perhaps you could add a pop-up box with information about how you’re trading during the pandemic and ways you are on hand to help, should your customers need help. Alternatively, you could also add a blog post about the ways in which your business is changing during the current crisis but be clear that you’re still trading and on hand to help. 

Utilize social media 

Social media is a fantastic tool for staying in contact with your customers, so make sure that you are utilizing it effectively. You want to ensure that when it comes to the business impact of Coronavirus, that you are an active part of the conversation. It’s important that your customers can see that you’re actively getting involved in key conversations. 

Implement traditional marketing methods 

Another way to stay in touch with your customers during the pandemic is to implement the use of traditional marketing methods. Consider utilizing the use of printing services, like the ones available from for instance, and creating some flyers, business cards or other marketing materials to mail out to your customers. Even if these materials simply say ‘we’re still on hand to help’, it’s a positive step and one that many customers will appreciate.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to physically mail out marketing materials, you could opt to utilize email marketing instead. Not used email marketing before? There are plenty of useful resources online, such as

Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy
The best way to engage with people is through a sustained and carefully designed digital marketing strategy that’s specific to your business and the audience you have. If you feel the time is right for you to improve your strategy and you’re not sure how to approach that change, you should probably think about working with a digital marketing agency that’ll be able to help you. A renewed strategy will help you to engage better with your audience and maintain that vital connection.

There you have it, a few simple tips for making it easier to stay better connected with your customers during the pandemic.