Small Business Week 2015 (May 4-8)

NS Marketing exists to help small business thrive – so it’s fitting that we write a quick shout-out to Small Business Week!

Small Businesses are vital not only to the national economy (according to the 2011 US Census, 89.9% of all businesses keeping the US economy churning were made up of businesses with 20 or fewer employees) but to the local economy as well. Look around you – see that florist? Small business. See that restaurant? Small business. How about the Accountant or Retirement Planner? Yep, small business.

As a small business owner I always work to make it a point to support other small businesses when I can. Whether I buy a Mother’s Day gift from a small shop in town, or conduct my banking at the local branch, I try to support my local economy which in turns keeps my friends and neighbors employed and my town alive with activity.

Supporting small business goes beyond just shopping in local stores or using local services. Many small business owners can also be members of your family or circle of friends. Supporting their dreams may mean picking up their kids after school so they can meet up with a client, or meeting with them for coffee to be a sounding board for ideas. Offering “personal” support to small business owners often goes even further than exchanging money for their goods/services.

So this week – Small Business Week 2015 – try some of the following to help support small business near you.

– Pick up your latte at the local coffee shop (even if it’s out of your way)
– Pick up a fresh bouquet of flowers from the local market vs big chain supermarket on your way home from work
– Have lunch locally
– Buy your bottle of wine for your Friday night dinner at the local liquor store instead of the big discount store
– Reach out to a friend or family member that operates a small business and just let them know that you appreciate them and admire the work they do