Side Hustles to Start in Your Dorm Room

This time of year, many students are either starting their college experience or returning back to their dorms to continue their studies. Some students may spend their time between classes and sleeping – but others have decided not to wait until graduation to start making money.

If you’re a motivated student, ready to start a side hustle – here are a few ideas to get you started!

First things first, though. Security should always be front and center of both your business and your life. Since as a student you will likely be using the Wifi at school, be sure to protect your details by using a vpn for school wifi.

Also, you want to make sure that any side hustle you start doesn’t interfere with your pursuit of your degree. You (or your parents) are spending a lot of money to attend school, so classes and good grades should always be a priority.

But the good news is that you have control over how much time you spend on your side hustle. You are not confined to a contract or a rigid schedule, so you are free to take on projects whenever you like. Evenings, weekends, school breaks – all of these times are downtimes for you to make some money.

Editing Documents 

Upwork is a terrific service that can link you with a number of copyediting projects you may pick up for some additional spending money, which is perfect for those days when the punctuation and spelling mistakes on Twitter are just driving you crazy.

Although it is free to join up to work as a freelancer on the website, Upwork does take a cut of your earnings. However, the more assignments you complete, the more money will be sent directly to your bank account.

Learn How To Be A Virtual Assistant 

If you’re well-organized and process-oriented, you may be an excellent virtual assistant. There are many busy executives (perhaps other solopreneurs such as yourself) that could use a bit of help, but they don’t need to hire anyone full-time. This could also be an excellent opportunity to learn from your clients – especially if you’re a business major.

Because you’re virtual, you don’t need to go into an office. There may also be an opportunity to have several clients, with limited needs, that you can work with at the same time.

A social media account to manage 

Are your original jokes stealing the show on Twitter or destroying the IG game? Apply to work part-time as a social media manager for a small business. While the majority of larger firms employ full-time social media specialists, startups and small businesses frequently search LinkedIn for remote workers. Apply the “remote” filter when searching for possibilities, and make sure you have your resume filled with examples of the influence you’ve had (or built) for yourself or others on social media.

Start Freelance Writing 

Start pitching editors of magazines and websites you admire if you are a good writer and you’re interested in pursuing journalism. This side hustle will also help you develop a freelance portfolio.

To get started, you can follow section editors at your favorite publications directly or take advantage of the excellent job the Writers of Color Twitter account does of retweeting editors who issue requests for pitches.

Once your pitch is accepted, you may work from your dorm room to conduct phone interviews, create fantastic stories, and edit them. Additionally, if your first article gets you noticed, you can use that connection to open up new channels.