We offer two “Quick Serve” options and then a variety of more in-depth services.

Quick Serve

Want to just “get it done and go”? We have two options that have a fixed price that will get you started.

WordPress SiteNeed to update your site but you don’t have a lot of money? This Quick Serve package lets you choose from a variety of templates that we will then modify to make it your own. You will need to set up your own hosting (we always recommend Blue Host – but you can use whatever Hosting Provider you want to use). This service is not available for WordPress sites hosted by WordPress. Email us for more details.$500
Quick Conversion ConsultWant to know why your site visitors aren’t becoming customers? Send us your URL and we will provide you with our Quick Conversion Consult – we take the time to look at your home page and up to 3 other landing pages. We will let you know what you’re doing right and what could use improvement using the techniques mastered at MECLabs as well as through 11 years of experience optimizing conversions.$600


Sure, we can help you set up a WordPress site, but we like to focus more on what comes AFTER the site is in place.

Marketing StrategyAre you at the point in your business where you need a comprehensive strategic marketing plan but you don’t have the revenue to hire a Marketing Director full time? We can help you develop and execute (if needed) your marketing strategy – both online and offline.
Social MediaPeople tell you “Get on Facebook” – but do you know if that’s really true? Facebook has changed a LOT in the past year – especially how it handles business pages. Let’s talk about the best Social Media Strategy for you.
Customer Persona DevelopmentThe key to successful marketing today is solving your customers’ problems. Our Buyer Personas help you “see” your customers. What they might look like, what their day is like, where they play and work, their pain points, etc. All of this information allows us to develop communication strategies that will help us target WHERE your customers are and WHAT to say to them.
WordPressWordPress is for more than just bloggers. We have built full-scale, successful e-commerce sites using WordPress including integration with Infusionsoft, MailChimp, AWeber, home-grown CRMs and more. After your site is done we can either hand it over to you (with training of course) or we can continue to execute the agreed-upon marketing strategy throughout the year.
Custom ContentWhether you need us to build your monthly Content Calendar and you write the rest, or you want us to manage all of your content creation, we are available to help you with both B2C and B2B content creation. Our writers are all based in the US, and the content you receive will have been closely proofed and edited before it goes online.