What Every Business Owner Needs To Know

Measuring Conversions

It’s Not About The Clicks (It’s About The Conversion)

Way, way back, in the early days of online marketing, one of the only metric companies paid attention to was “Clicks”. A click could have been a click on an ad or a click on an email link. Large companies with big ad budgets even paid out in clicks to large online publications. Click, click,

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Helping Customers Decide with a UVP

Creating a Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

In an earlier post I talked about the The Power of the UVP. Hopefully that got your interest piqued and you’re ready to jump in and create your own Unique Value Proposition. A few things first. Here is what a UVP is NOT: A Unique Value Proposition is NOT a slogan. A Unique Value Proposition

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Don't Tell Me There Aren't Zombies

Don’t Expect Me To Behave As Though Zombies Don’t Exist

I’m a huge fan of The Walking Dead on AMC. The story of what happens to human beings when the world as they know it is replaced in a matter of weeks with an existence of running and hiding from creatures with only one objective in mind – to eat them alive – is an

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The 80 20 Rule to Save Time and Make More Money

Stop Wasting Your Time And Start Making More Money. The 80/20 Rule

If you find yourself always strapped for time – either professionally or personally – this principle could change your life. The 80/20 Rule (otherwise known as The Pareto Principle) states that roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. To put it another way – “about 20% of your customers are generating

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The importance of a Unique Value Propostition

The Power of the UVP (Unique Value Proposition)

Marketing has changed a lot over the past 5 years – and a lot of new tools and techniques have been created to help businesses successfully market their business. However, many of the foundational principles remain the same. One of these foundations in the UVP – Unique Value Proposition. What is a UVP (Unique Value

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