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Creating Great Content Calendars

Content Calendars – The Key To Creating Consistently Great Content

Quick, tell me without thinking about it – what are you doing next Thursday? How about Wednesday 2 weeks from now. Do you know? Unless you have an awesome meeting with someone famous lined up, chances are you wouldn’t be able to tell me what you’re doing without looking at your calendar. Calendars are great

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Asking Why Can Help Your Business

Why You Should Run Your Business Like A 5-Year Old

Do you have kids? I have kids, and I think that anyone who either has kids, or has been around young kids has more than once been confronted by them asking you this seemingly simple question… “Why?” Why is some cereal different colors and other cereal is brown? Why are stop signs red? Why is

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Chasing The Idea

I’m Giving Up The Chase

Today I was sitting at a light – traffic was heavy. While I was sitting there zoning out I came up with the perfect topic for today’s blog post. By the second cycle of the light I had the perfect headline, and by the third cycle (like I said, traffic was heavy) I had the

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Measuring Conversions

It’s Not About The Clicks (It’s About The Conversion)

Way, way back, in the early days of online marketing, one of the only metric companies paid attention to was “Clicks”. A click could have been a click on an ad or a click on an email link. Large companies with big ad budgets even paid out in clicks to large online publications. Click, click,

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Helping Customers Decide with a UVP

Creating a Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

In an earlier post I talked about the The Power of the UVP. Hopefully that got your interest piqued and you’re ready to jump in and create your own Unique Value Proposition. A few things first. Here is what a UVP is NOT: A Unique Value Proposition is NOT a slogan. A Unique Value Proposition

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