Multichannel Marketing 101: A Quick Guide

You may have heard of multichannel marketing. But what exactly is it? Put simply, you use all available avenues of reaching an audience to maximize sales potential. Here’s a quick guide.

Using All Avenues

You should think about multichannel marketing if you want to build a blog or online business. Multichannel marketing is a way to promote your blog where you use more than one way to reach your customers and audience.

Online multichannel marketing includes things like email newsletters, posting on social media, and online shopping. Sites like Linx Digital offer a wealth of resources on the subject of using multichannel marketing to increase inbound sales.

Social Media Platforms

Around the world, almost 5 billion people use social media, which is why platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn should be part of your overall plan to grow your business. With social media, you can reach a vast number of people who are waiting to hear about your great blog and the services you offer.

Social posting on a regular basis, as you do on your blog, is a great and simple way to reach a large audience, and a post could even go viral across the web.

Multichannel Marketing Includes Email

Using social media to connect with your audience is a great way to do so. But email is still a reliable and friendly way to communicate. Here are some reasons to use email marketing:

  • Email has a massive return on investment (ROI) of $36 for every $1 you spend on it.
  • Email is still in use by over 4 billion people all over the world.
  • 60% of people buy something after receiving an email about it.

When done right, email marketing newsletters can give you a great return on investment (ROI) because they keep both new and old customers up to date on changes, sales, and new content.

Source: Constant Contact

Use Automation Often

In the world of web blogs and marketing, automating processes is nothing new. Email marketing is mainly done by en-masse. But it’s not just about sending out email for sales.

You can effectively manage a growing number of users and reduce the hassle of micromanaging each one on your site with automation. This makes things a lot easier because your site’s AI system can handle things like when subscription plans expire, comments, and welcome messages.

Consider Bespoke App Development

Mobile apps are great for upselling and adding features that aren’t on your website. You can also add a mobile app to your blog to manage user accounts, make sales, and share news.

The fact that most people always have their phones with them means that a mobile app is always connected to the user. A user’s device can also receive push notifications from your app. So if you sell a service or product, mobile apps can also help your business widen the net.


You need to consider multichannel marketing to compete in your niche. Modern channels include social media platforms, email marketing, and developing custom smartphone apps.