Is Word of Mouth Working… or Should You Start “Shouting”?

Word-of-mouth has long been the go-to strategy for marketing businesses – since long before neon ‘Open’ signs ever existed! Word of mouth has seen businesses come and go, mom-and-pop shops thrive and even lemonade stands reap a profit or two from it – but is this effective enough for modern enterprises?

The Power of the Spoken Word 

Don’t underestimate the power of spoken words; customer testimonials should not be underestimated when it comes to marketing your brand effectively. Word-of-mouth testimonials can be just as effective at building trust between a business and its target market as ads; even better than that is having satisfied customers become your brand’s ambassadors in no time at all!

But there is one glaring flaw: words don’t stay around forever like billboards or digital ads do; they quickly dissipate with each breath we take and can quickly vanish; can these temporary word balloons be counted upon?

The Limitations of Lip Service

While word-of-mouth marketing can be extremely beneficial, it does come with its share of drawbacks. Primarily, it is a slow and laborious process; much like waiting for ketchup from a bottle. Sure, eventually it arrives – but who wants to wait that long? Your brand relies on satisfied customers spreading the word of its goodness; each satisfied customer may sing its praises to other potential buyers, with your brand’s reputation at stake and which you may be powerless to influence.

Negative word-of-mouth spreads quickly and can derail any attempt at shaping or reframing a message that suits you perfectly. Furthermore, depending solely on word of mouth can limit your reach; without customers who travel the globe or international socialites acting as ambassadors for you to other regions, word-of-mouth promotion typically remains limited to local markets or social circles – though charming. Simply put: word-of-mouth has its limitations.

Plumbing the Depths of Word-of-Mouth Advertising

Let’s consider an example from your own local plumbing business. Most people don’t talk about their plumbing at brunch unless something has gone terribly wrong with them – which presents a unique opportunity.

Imagine yourself as the hero, helping a client fix an extremely disastrous leak, leaving them with a functional bathroom and giving them peace of mind.

Now imagine all this is reality!

You just saved the day, fixed a disastrous leak, and have left them relieved with functioning bathrooms and an overall sense of relief. Customer reviews of your services are likely to spread far and wide among their friends, family, and any curious neighbors who inquire why the plumber’s van was there in their driveway – you have just earned yourself several new customers without spending anything on advertising!

But it’s important to remember that this isn’t Hollywood blockbuster: in real life, news rarely spreads quickly across town in just hours; rather, word-of-mouth spreads gradually like that leak you were called in to repair.

However, these recommendations may only reach within the customer’s social circle; otherwise it won’t spread further than this initial circle. Word-of-mouth marketing may be cost-effective for your plumbing business, but can take its sweet time. Learn how to market your plumbing company so you can stand out as a trusted plumbing professional in your community.

Amplifying Word of Mouth With Modern Marketing

Enter the world of digital marketing, where word of mouth receives an amplified boost. Remember when family and friends were your main sources for referrals?

Now your online presence serves as its new family dinner table! With a strategic website and social media presence, your service can reach a much larger audience. But more than visibility alone, social media allows your services to engage customers while building trust and establishing your brand – testimonies from satisfied customers can even be shared easily through sharing buttons on websites like Yelp! or Instagram.

Blog posts detailing common plumbing problems and their solutions can demonstrate your expertise, while videos showcasing your team or giving an inside peek can create bonds between potential clients and yourself. By adopting modern marketing strategies, you aren’t simply waiting for your faucet to fill; rather, you are opening a flood of opportunities to flourish. So is word of mouth enough? Not if you want to stay competitive.

Bottom Line – Don’t Stay Quiet

Word-of-mouth can be an extremely effective marketing strategy; however, in today’s highly competitive business environment it may not be sufficient. So by all means encourage customer referrals but maybe it’s time to pick up that megaphone and shout about your successes as loudly as possible!