Impactful Marketing Strategies for Startups

When you start a business, you want it to be successful. This is the one thing that every single business owner is going to have in common. If you didn’t want this, you wouldn’t have gone through all the stresses and strains of starting the business in the first place – it would have been much easier to work for someone else. 

Yet wanting this and getting this are two different things. To get the success you are looking for, you are going to need some creative marketing strategies that work for startups and help them become much more well-known. Read on to discover what just some of these ideas are, and you may want to implement at least one in your new business plan.

Be Featured In A Publication 

One of the best ways to see a huge spike in your sales traffic is to be featured in an important publication. This might be something relevant to your industry, or it could be a lifestyle magazine in their line up of the best Christmas gifts to buy a loved one.

It’s a good idea to start reaching out to these useful and important publications (online and offline) as soon as possible. Send them press releases about everything you’re doing, and ask to speak to the editor or department head when you have something really exciting to say.

Some publications will ask you to pay, and others will feature you for free, and the choice is yours as to what you go for. Remember, if you’re paying you’ll need to be able to make that money back, and if it’s free, you’ll need to know that enough people are going to read the piece to make it worth your while. 

Of course, it can be hard to determine where a lead is coming from, which is a crucial part of any advertising campaign. To get more information and determine whether the published feature helped, you can track it through your VoIP phone system for small business

Have A Referral Program

The best way to market anything is to do it cheaply and quickly. Ideally, you’ll want it to happen organically and for free. A referral program will help you with this plan, and even if it’s not entirely organic and not entirely free, it could be very close to that ideal. 

When you have a referral program for your business, you are essentially asking your happy customers to promote your product on your behalf. Of course, you’re not suggesting it in those terms because they might not want to do it if you did (no one wants to work for free), which is what the referral system is there for. 

If your customers are excited about your products and service, they might tell other people about it, but they might not. If they have an incentive in the form of a referral system which offers them discounts or loyalty points when they refer a friend, they are much more likely to do it, and your business will grow quickly.