I’m Giving Up The Chase

Today I was sitting at a light – traffic was heavy. While I was sitting there zoning out I came up with the perfect topic for today’s blog post. By the second cycle of the light I had the perfect headline, and by the third cycle (like I said, traffic was heavy) I had the first two paragraphs written in my head.

It was the best blog post ever written by another human being.

It was hands down going to be the winner of the Bloggies in 2016.

It was a blog post that was going to solve the world’s problems and bring about world peace.

I could hear the crowds cheering my name.

And then my phone rang… and it was lost.

Ever since this afternoon I’ve been chasing this perfect post – how could it have been lost so quickly when it was so perfectly formed in my brain?

But now, 8 hours later, I’m giving up the chase.

Perhaps it was a post ahead of its time, not ready for the light of day.

Perhaps next time I just need to have a pen and notebook handy.