How Your Construction Company Can Target Commercial Businesses

One thing that every business needs to know is how to target its market properly. Once you’ve identified the right target market, it’s time to create your unique value proposition.

For example, if you’re a construction company targeting commercial clients, you understand that you will need to showcase your expertise, reliability, and perhaps consistent access to the supply chain.

Getting the targeting and messaging right will take some time, but it doesn’t need to feel like an impossible task. Here are a few tips to help your construction company secure the right kind of commercial clients. 

Your Message Needs to be Tailored

Commercial clients are going to want to hire companies that they know will tailor to their needs. For a business, it might not always be as generic as “I want a brick store built for me”; it might be very detailed, such as “I need an eco-friendly warehouse created with recycled materials for my business.” As you can see, just with this, there’s more detail in the last example. 

While not all clients will know what they want, a lot of commercial organizations tend to have a pretty strong idea of what it is that they want and need. So it might help to use a commercial construction glossary when creating tailored messages to prospective clients; in a way, this helps with getting it to feel personalized, but it does also help prove the authenticity of your construction business as well. 

So, go ahead and showcase your company’s specialization in commercial projects through targeted messaging. Don’t forget to highlight relevant experiences like successful case studies and showcase how your team’s skills align with the unique demands of commercial construction

You Need a Digital Showcase

It was somewhat mentioned above, but it’s best to go into this a little deeper. Nearly all modern-day commercial construction businesses do this, but if you’re old school, then you need to understand that not having a website is doing a lot of harm. How will you get discovered? Word-of-mouth marketing isn’t as prevalent when it comes to commercial clientele.

So, by all means, if you haven’t already started working on getting a modern and professional website that reflects the caliber of your construction services, Some things you’ll need to ensure for your website would be the ease of navigation, mobile-friendly, and includes a portfolio of completed commercial projects. 

Is Your Content Compelling?

Yes, even when it comes to construction businesses, you need to make sure that you’re creating some compelling content so that not only will you be discovered, but you’ll immediately gain the comfort and trust of businesses. So, be sure to develop high-quality content that educates commercial clients about various aspects of construction. 

You can educate them (as you should), but at the end of the day, you’re trying to get them to choose your company. You don’t have to go as far as entertainment with your content since these are businesses you’re trying to appeal to, after all.

You can consider creating blog posts, articles, and whitepapers that address commercial construction trends, project management insights, and industry best practices that can position your company as a knowledgeable and reliable partner.

Is it Worth Creating a Community?

So, one typical piece of advice that’s given to businesses, even B2B businesses, would be community creation. Community is usually one of the best ways to create trust, provide value, and create long-term relationships with clientele. But with that said, while there might be a chance that the community might not be as rich and vast, it’s still best to make one – especially if you have information to share that could be helpful. 

The best way to get started (that doesn’t need to take too much time) is by utilizing social media platforms. Specifically, the goal is to engage with commercial businesses, so stick to platforms that do that (like LinkedIn and Facebook. You should share updates about your projects, highlight team expertise, and participate in industry discussions. 

In general, social media still provides an opportunity to build up a community (even for an unlikely industry like construction), so be sure to showcase your company culture and connect with potential commercial clients on a more personal level.

Consider Creation Workshops

Businesses marketing edutainment for free is truly one of the best ways to get known. While yes, you’ll need to create a free experience in hopes that this leads to a sale, that’s definitely worth it in the end! So, it’s best to look into hosting workshops or webinars that focus on topics relevant to commercial construction. 

It gives you the chance to provide valuable insights, share industry trends, and offer practical advice. Overall, these educational sessions position your company as an expert in commercial construction and create opportunities for engagement with potential clients.

Emphasize Safety

No matter what niche you’re focusing on (experimental, fast, real estate, sustainable, etc.), it’s always going to be safety that matters most. Plus, you can absolutely expect commercial clients to also prioritize safety and regulatory compliance.

When it comes to marketing your construction business, you absolutely need to highlight your company’s commitment to safety standards, adherence to regulations, and the implementation of best practices. 

Also, why not mention your certifications and accreditations? The ones that are related to safety and compliance can instill confidence in commercial clients. So whenever you can in your marketing campaigns, be sure to talk about safety.