How To Make Proactive Use Of Downtime To Improve Your Business’ Website

There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the world of business right now. The world has braced itself for the worst, but optimism still shines through. 

If you’ve found that your business has been impacted but you still want to keep moving forward, you can consider making some proactive changes to your website to improve your customer experience when the economy starts to pick up. 

But what should your priorities be? 

Let’s explore how you can make good use of your downtime to improve your website. 

Carry Out a Site Audit

Every website is different. The problems of one site may differ from those of another. 

You may not be immediately obvious where you will need to make improvements, however, by carrying out a full site audit, you will be able to create an action plan of the changes that need to be made. 

Firstly, is your site loading efficiently on both mobile and desktop? Visit your site from a range of devices and see how it runs. 

  • How fast is your site loading? Run a test with Google Page Speed Insights and follow the recommendations for any changes that need to be made. 
  • Use an SEO plugin such as Yoast to review your content. Make suggested changes to pre-existing content to help to increase organic click-throughs to your site. 
  • Use this time to check for broken links. Does everything work, and do all internal and external links all point to the right destination? Don’t forget to check all of your social share buttons all work too. 
  • Check all of your web forms; do they all work? 
  • How easy is it to find your way around the website? Invest time in making your site more navigable.

Think About Site Security

Cybersecurity is one of the most significant issues facing any business that operates online. 

63% of all businesses have reported experiencing a phishing attack or an attempt at social engineering. 

Use this time to find suitable solutions for managing the security of your website and your business as a whole.  

You may want to look at managed Cloud Services. Having an external IT company watching your systems and website looking for vulnerabilities will help to limit. 

Invest Time In Generating New Content

Content is one of the best ways of attracting new visitors to your website. Use downtime to create a bank of content. Having plenty of pre-made articles for your blog will mean that you have plenty of content in the bank that you can schedule to go live at a later date. 

Think of new and creative ways of engaging with your site visitors now. If there are opportunities to create interactive content that helps build a community around your products and service, now is the perfect time to develop this.  

Hopefully business will pick up for you, and if you’ve done all of these things now, you will be able to meet the demands of your site visitors and customers as things pick up again.