How to Increase Productivity in Your Business Post Pandemic

If there’s one thing the coronavirus pandemic has taught us, nothing is ever set in stone, and there are many other ways to do business than the traditional way. All of a sudden, massive corporate companies and even the smallest companies had to rethink their business dynamics and adjust them to fit into government restrictions and lockdowns.

Sure, it posed a challenge in the beginning, but now it has become second nature to employees worldwide to work from home, and the idea of commuting to an office every day has become a foreign concept again. The pandemic has also pushed industry leaders to re-evaluate companies and how to maintain and even boost sales, efficiency, and overall success. That said, here are some tips on how to increase productivity in your business post-pandemic.


Nothing is as it was, so it wouldn’t make sense to try and run your business as you usually would. The first step to running a “pandemic-friendly” business is restructuring it, so it fits in with your current needs as well as restrictions. The restructuring of your staff and their tasks are what’s most important – think about how they can do what they need to do from home, what they would need, and what the costs would be to implement the latter. Most employees would need a computer and a stable wifi connection if they don’t already have it, so the first thing to do would be to set them up with what they need in order to be productive while working from home. 

Also, think about the processes involved in your business; for example, if an employee usually completed a task at the office and sent it through to customers, management, or online, it would be a good idea to implement a process where more than one person checks the completed work in order to ensure quality results. Remember, your employees don’t have someone to physically check up on them at home as they would have at the office, so you may need to take that step in the process online to maintain a steady stream of quality assurance.


Outsourcing work is vital to making the wheels of your business turn efficiently and without complications. Trying to keep everything in-house may seem like the logical thing to do. Still, if your business is running on skeleton staff, that idea can be almost impossible to execute successfully.

For example, there are many proven HR outsourcing services that can enable you to focus on keeping the business running while they worry about the paperwork and administrative duties. Outsourcing work to the right people may not only save your business but make it more profitable as well, seeing as employees will also have more time to focus on making money and pushing sales. In contrast, the nitty-gritty work is taken care of externally. This will also give you peace of mind, knowing that everything is under control and your business can resume with as few shifts and changes as possible. 

Incentivize Your Employees

Nothing motivates employees to give their best like a bit of incentive, especially in rough times as we live in currently. With so much sickness and struggling going on, your staff can use all the motivation and positivity they could possibly get, and it’s your job to see to it they feel the urge to work and deliver outstanding results. Try giving them weekly or monthly incentives to work towards, such as a cash prize or some extra days off.

Traveling may be hard at the moment to offer a top performer, but there are still lots of great ideas you can use to light a fire under your employees and make them want to work every day. It is sometimes easy to forget that your employees’ lives have also been thrown upside down by the pandemic, and many of them probably have kids at home they need to juggle as well while trying to maintain a somewhat good work ethic. 

Help for Your Employees

Offering employees help if they need it will definitely go a long way with regards to their loyalty towards the company. Anyone can scold an employee when they continue to slip up or miss things they usually wouldn’t forget. Still, it takes a leader to look beyond the reprimanding and ask if everything is okay and whether they would want help for their situation. Offering help can come in many forms, from having an in-house therapist to creating support groups within the company that will ultimately also bring employees together. During these challenging times, many people are going through events that are exhausting and traumatizing as well, and these instances could immensely influence their work. Therefore, you need to ensure that each staff member has access to the necessary help they need in order to thrive in their work environment.

More Training for your Employees

Odds are your employees are pretty good at what they do; otherwise, they wouldn’t be working for you, right? Well, imagine you could take your employees’ skills and sharpen them even further, creating the perfect storm of talent and knowledge they can apply to their daily tasks and, ultimately, your company. Further training opportunities or online courses can give your staff the chance to work on things they may feel they’re struggling with, as well as broaden what they already know even further. Whether it be sales, retention, customer care, or even accounting, your employees can never be fully learned in their field of expertise. Further training can also motivate your staff to work even harder, due to the fact that they have been equipped with everything they need and more in order to deliver excellent results. 

Your business has gone through a lot the past couple of years, and you want to see it through to the end. Be sure to do everything in your power to boost productivity, because as a result, your business will thrive with your employees loving every minute of their job.