How Marketing Can Help Overcome Poor Business Location

For many businesses that are reliant on foot traffic, a poor location can have a huge negative impact on sales. There are two main solutions to this problem: relocate to a better location or increase your marketing.

The latter can be less expensive and less disruptive. Below are just some of the ways to overcome a poor location using marketing. 

Create a website and social media pages

A website and social media pages will help you to develop an online presence. This could be a means of reaching out to new customers that might otherwise never stumble upon your store.

You may even be able to sell your product or service directly through your website and social media pages if your location isn’t particularly accessible.

There are lots of affordable ways to build a website including using drag-and-drop website builders – if you only need a basic website, this may be all you need. Meanwhile, social media pages can be set up for free. 

Invest some money into local SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) involves using a range of tactics to boost your search engine rankings. One popular SEO tactic involves optimizing search queries with keywords. A number of search queries on search engines can be localized (such as ‘restaurants near me’).

Using local SEO companies, you may be able to focus on optimizing these types of keywords on your site. This could help you to rank higher on search engines than other local businesses. Your physical location may not be able to match theirs, but you’ll have a better position on Google. 

Make sure you’re visible on Google Maps

A lot of people use map tools like Google Maps to find services in their area. My setting up Google My Business account, you can plot out your location on Google Maps and start attracting customers this way. Like your search engine results, it’s possible to optimize your Google Maps results so that when people enter certain search terms your company will come up. 

Be bold with your signage

You may be based in an area that attracts fewer passers-by, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still convert some of those passers-by. Using bold signage, you can help to get your business noticed.

If you’re located out in the middle of nowhere, it could be worth investing in a huge sign by the side of the road. Eye-catching shop displays and bright lighting could be other tactics for getting yourself seen.

Be prepared to think outside the box.

Cross-promote with local businesses

Cross-promotion can be another great tactic for attracting customers in a bad location. This involves networking with other local companies and asking them to promote your service in exchange for promoting theirs.

For instance, a restaurant in a poor location may cross-promote with a local hotel – the local hotel may be able to promote your restaurant in return that you promote their hotel. It could benefit both of you.