Feel Like You “Just Need 15 Minutes?”

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Let me ask you…

Have you ever felt like “if only I could just ask someone to take a look at my advertising” or “I’m only stuck on this one thing… I don’t need to hire a consultant, I just need 15 minutes of someone’s time to make sure I’m on the right track.”

Well – let’s all pretend that we’re at a cocktail party together, and someone just said “Here’s Sue – she has 25 years of marketing experience and she helps businesses like yours when they’re stuck on marketing.”

What would you ask me?

Want to talk about it?

“Spending just a short time with Sue helped me identify the value in keeping my marketing message consistent and ‘easily digestible’ for my clients. I extend my marketing reach by working with other complementary service providers, and Sue’s insight put us all on the same page so that we could effectively market our services. If you can even get 15 minutes of Sue’s time I highly recommend it – no matter what business you’re in!”Mandy Walker, My Divorce Pal
15-Minute Mini Marketing Sessions Now Open (1)

Mini Marketing Sessions Now Available

 I’m currently booking a few 15-minute Mini sessions 2 days a week  – these sessions are perfect for you if:

1) You’re just stuck on one thing – and you need someone to get you back on track

2) You can’t seem to get a clear picture of how to find your customers online

3) You have an idea of what you should be doing, but you just want someone to look things over and give you the thumbs up

Typically I don’t book anything less than an hour, and my hourly rate is $250. But since we’re heading into Summer, which for a lot of you is the “slow season” and possibly time when you can catch your breath and get strategic about your marketing, I thought now would be a good time to work with some folks that just need a little nudge in the right direction.

“Every time I talk to Sue about how to grow our membership, she always has amazing insight and ideas that I can implement right away. I watch her do the same thing for other members of the ECBA too – no matter what business they’re in – she really knows her stuff.”Trish Ventker, Erie Colorado Business Alliance

Booking a mini-session with me is easy. Just pick out the time you want to meet from the calendar below, pay for your spot, and I will send you the details about how we will meet up online!

Thanks so much – and I look forward to working with you!


15-Minute Mini Marketing Sessions Now Open (1)

Select Your Personal 15-Minute Marketing Session From The Options Below

“The first hour I met with Sue she uncovered several marketing opportunities for my business. I implemented only one and I increased my win-back rate by 40%. Now I work with her on all of my marketing strategies – it pays off every time.”Jonathan Robert, A New View Painting