Customer Service That Inspires Confidence

During the current lockdown, businesses are struggling to retain their customers. It’s now more important than ever to keep an eye on your customer service so consumers feel confident shopping with you. This may involve infrastructure investment and effective marketing campaigns working in tandem. 

Even in the best of times, you miss an opportunity when you don’t market your great customer service. Today, your customers are worried about a variety of things, reassuring them that your company is stable enough to meet their needs will ensure your sales will continue. 

Here are a few things you can do to help your business. 

Great Response Times

Customers use social media to contact your business about a product they have bought or to make an inquiry. When companies don’t reply to customers quickly, it gives them the feeling of poor quality. Consider your own responses to a company that doesn’t return your emails or social media inquiries – how do you feel when they ignore you?

Your response times to consumer comments on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram need to drastically improve. Now that you’re at home, you should be replying to customers almost immediately. Speed of service is one of the biggest issues customers look for when they are judging a business’ customer service. If you have a very helpful and detailed response, but it’s 1 hour late, it knocks some of the air out of it. Make sure your responses are timely, thoughtful and answer their questions. Don’t just answer quickly just so you can be fast.  

Keep Returns Flowing

In the current situation, customers feel hesitant to buy products online for fear of not being able  to return them if they don’t like them. One way to help manage your return process is to have a private PO Box that you can have items delivered to and tracked at an off-site location. This way  there’s no rush to remove the items once they’re in storage. 

A virtual address service with a PO Box allows you to access business addresses remotely and check what items, if any, have been delivered. At your request, the service will then send you the packages so you can return an item to your inventory and complete a refund. 

Being upfront about your returns policy means your customers will feel more confident to shop with you.

A Simple Show of Gratitude

Especially today, a heartfelt, simple ‘thank you’ email sent to customers that have shopped with you or used your app, should be reminded how grateful you are of their loyalty. Write an email expressing your thanks. Include a discount or coupon for a future purchase as a gift to say thanks. 

Customer service has never been as important as it is right now. Continue to keep your customers front and center – in the end, they will remember you for your positive efforts during a difficult time.