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marketing mistakes

Marketing Mistakes People Keep Making

We all make mistakes from time to time. Whether we’re new to the marketing game or we’ve been at it for a while now, we are never going to get everything right, but we can all do better. We can learn from our mistakes so that we don’t repeat them in future. It’s puzzling, then,

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marketing a poor business location

How Marketing Can Help Overcome Poor Business Location

For many businesses that are reliant on foot traffic, a poor location can have a huge negative impact on sales. There are two main solutions to this problem: relocate to a better location or increase your marketing. The latter can be less expensive and less disruptive. Below are just some of the ways to overcome

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How do I become a Forex Trader? (Side Gig Idea)

If you find yourself with a little money, and you’re interested in a side gig, you may want to think about Forex Trading. It’s a reasonably simple process to set up and get started, but requires a lot of patience in order to become profitable.  In spite of the ease of setting up your business,

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Bringing Customers Back After a Bad Experience

Everybody makes mistakes, that is why pencils have erasers, and when we’ve lost a customer’s trust, or we have made a PR blunder, we can experience a massive crisis. However, what we do will determine the overall effect on our business. For anybody that wants to learn many lessons in the fine art of running

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4 Powerful Marketing Tools You Need to Start Using Today

In these ever-changing times, it has never been so important to get new clients and retain those you have already. With physical stores closing and the focus shifting firmly to digital marketing practices, it is a good idea to ensure your marketing techniques are up to scratch. Here are some top marketing tools you need

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