Category: Small Business Advice

How to Make Your Business Budget Go Further in 2023

Businesses in 2023 find themselves in quite a stressful situation. With economic concerns growing that have resulted in inflation rates rising and the cost of living becoming more expensive, it’s important for money to go further nowadays. As a business, keeping your funds healthy is important, especially as cash flow tends to be one of

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going solo

Fed Up with the Daily Grind? Go Solo!

If you are fed up with the daily grind that is your usual nine to five then you could take a leap of faith and start your own business. This will never be a simple thing to do, however, putting the work in will certainly be worth it. It is common knowledge that around 90%

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video popular

Why Video Content Holds The Power

Marketing and promotion move quickly, and where once it was a small ad in the local paper, it is now social media, online media outlets, magazines, billboards, and emails. Marketing materials can be delivered directly into the hands of your customers – and you are competing with larger companies with a much bigger budget.  One

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marketing your gym

Innovative Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Gym

Your marketing strategy needs to be innovative and creative when promoting your gym. Traditional advertising techniques such as flyers and posters are often time-consuming, so instead of relying on them, you should look for more efficient methods to promote your gym. Here are innovative marketing ideas that have been proven successful in promoting gyms. Leverage

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tips for reducing customer complaints

5 Tips for Reducing Customer Complaints

Whether you run your business in-store or online, you need to ensure a high-quality customer experience for everyone who frequents your website or shop. Customer com[plaintsa can ruin your reputation, and word of mouth can be a powerful tool in affecting your company’s success. If you want to ensure happy customers and maintain your reputation

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