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Creating Great Content Calendars

Content Calendars – The Key To Creating Consistently Great Content

Quick, tell me without thinking about it – what are you doing next Thursday? How about Wednesday 2 weeks from now. Do you know? Unless you have an awesome meeting with someone famous lined up, chances are you wouldn’t be able to tell me what you’re doing without looking at your calendar. Calendars are great

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Chasing The Idea

I’m Giving Up The Chase

Today I was sitting at a light – traffic was heavy. While I was sitting there zoning out I came up with the perfect topic for today’s blog post. By the second cycle of the light I had the perfect headline, and by the third cycle (like I said, traffic was heavy) I had the

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Challenge of Starting

The Challenge of Starting

As I mentioned in my blog post yesterday, back in May I had planned to kick-off a 30-day Blogging Challenge – it’s now August 21st… All summer the “failure” of my not starting the challenge when I was “supposed to” back in May hung over me like a professional cloud. But I just couldn’t bring

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30 Day Blogging Challenge

The 30-Day Blogging Challenge

About 2 years ago I took part in Hubspot’s 30-Day Blog Challenge. The challenge was based on conventional wisdom that it takes about 21 days to form a new habit – so with a bit of rounding up, they made it a 30-Day Blog Challenge and created a contest around it. At the time I

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small business blogging

I don’t have time – Do I really need to blog for my business?

“But I don’t have time to blog for my business.” That’s not the first time I had heard it – in fact, I’ve said it myself – but today, in a world where your customers and potential customer have access to anything, anywhere, at any time, it’s your words that ultimately set you apart. Think

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