I don’t have time – Do I really need to blog for my business?

“But I don’t have time to blog for my business.”

That’s not the first time I had heard it – in fact, I’ve said it myself – but today, in a world where your customers and potential customer have access to anything, anywhere, at any time, it’s your words that ultimately set you apart.

Think about your own online activity. Do you go to a brand new site, put something in your basket, hand over your credit card information and checkout? Probably not. Typically you approach a new site with caution. Maybe you look around, see what they have to sell, poke around a bit, and then what do you do? You probably hit Google and search for that same product elsewhere, right? Or maybe you go right to Amazon. Why do you do that? Because the first site means nothing to you – you don’t trust them, they’ve never delivered on their promise to you during past transactions, and even at a cheaper price you’re still not sure you can trust them….

Or, if you have your own business and you’re searching for some business advice online do you believe the first blog post you read? Or do you read further – maybe a few posts on the same site to establish that this person really know what they’re talking about. Do you hand over your email address for a newsletter the first time you see a pop-up on a site you’ve never visited?

So what does blogging do for you to change this?

Blogging builds trust. To blog is to invite your website visitor into your virtual home and have a discussion (granted a one-sided one) with them. It helps them to see you, the person behind the company you run, as a person that is passionate about what they do, and that you’re passionate about helping them. From that trust eventually comes revenue for your company, success and a feeling of satisfaction because of a job well done.

And you really don’t even need to spend a ton of time blogging. The great thing about a blog is that the articles you wrote in the past are still there – so just like interest accumulates on a savings account, your blog content pays dividends well after the posting date. So if you blog twice/month, soon you will have 24 blog posts, then 48, then 96, and so on. New visitors will come to your site and not just read the blog post you wrote last week – but if your content is relevant to them, they’ll read 2-3 more articles and truly engage with your company.

“But I’m a plumber? Who wants to read a blog about plumbing?”

Answer – PLENTY! In fact, if you’re a plumber I would suggest you not only give plenty of DIY advice, but you set up other channels as well to talk about what you do and how you do it. If you trust your skills and abilities to give away what you know for free – in the form of online videos, how-to guides, etc – those customers in your immediate service area are going to pick up the phone when they need a plumber to help them.

Same goes with ANY business. Do you have an online store that sells antique dolls? Write about your latest finds. Do you own a hair salon? Re-post articles about the latest hairstyles.

The options for content are endless – you just need to do it. Not only will you find that your website will begins to increase sales, store visits, prospects and inquiries, you may even find that you have fun writing in the process.