Business Coaching


One-on-One Business Coaching

Are you feeling like you’re 80% there but you just need someone to help push you those last 20 yards?

Have you bought into a Network Marketing program, but you feel like you’re lacking support?

Are you ready to take your “side hustle” to the next level?

That’s where one-on-one business coaching comes in.

I’ll “sit down” with you (virtually over Skype) and we’ll work through the issues that keep tripping you up when it comes to marketing in a way that will grow your business.

  • Maybe it’s creating a Content Marketing Plan
  • Maybe you need help figuring out how to set up Google Analytics (and actually read the reports so that you know what’s going on and what you should do about it)
  • Maybe you haven’t done any sort of online advertising for your company – but the competition is catching up fast – so you’re ready to go, but you don’t know where to start.

I help a lot of solopreneurs and members of small marketing teams get back on track by mapping out the best path for them to take.

“The first hour I met with Sue she uncovered several marketing opportunities for my business. I implemented only one and I increased my win-back rate by 40%. Now I work with her on all of my marketing strategies – it pays off every time.”Jonathan Robert, A New View Painting