Breaking my eFunk – Days 3 and 4

Advice for Solopreneurs – Motivation Techniques – Doing Nothing and Looking to the Past

It’s now Day 4 of my 5-Day Challenge as I work to get myself out of my eFunk (entrepreneurial funk). So far I’ve tried:

  • Getting Outside
  • Pausing for Power
  • Meditation

These past 2 days were actually really productive in getting me out of the tunnel of the eFunk.

Day 3 – Doing Nothing

Sometimes, the best way to recharge is to do nothing. Not necessarily nothing at all – but at least nothing to do with my business.

So I spent Day 3 just enjoying my Sunday. It was a combination of family time and me time, heading to church, running a few low-stress errands, enjoying lunch outside – and every time a thought about my business would come to mind, I would just push it away.

The projects will still be there. The clients will still be there. The office will still be there.

All in all it really went a long way in helping me recharge my batteries.

Day 4 – Looking to the Past

Before I left my “day job” I would fill various notebooks with plans for new products, blog topics, new courses, networking ideas, you name it. I have them all around my office. But I haven’t looked at them in a long time.

So today, Day 4, I looked to the past – I took the time to look at the notes I had written and it really got me pumped up!

It’s amazing what can be forgotten when it’s not written down.

I took about 2 hours organizing my notes, started creating plans for new projects, and had a great time really looking back at how far I’ve come in the development of my business.

I would say that so far, “looking to the past” has been by far the most effective in improving my motivation. It opened that window into the past that was filled with ideas yet to be executed, networks yet to build, and clients yet to be served.

I’ll be back tomorrow to try out one more motivational technique, but I’m pretty confident that by now, my eFunk is a thing of the past…