Breaking my eFunk – Day 5

There’s a line in a Jimmy Buffet song that goes something like this…

“Changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes…”

So today, with that song running round and round in my head (my brothers are bigger fans than I am – but I learned the words through osmosis and years of hearing that song during summers on the Jersey Shore) I decided to “change my latitude” a bit to see if a change in scenery would work towards breaking me out of my eFunk.

Usually I work from my home office. It’s quite cozy, and I have a great setup, but it can get isolating and lonely. After years of working in an office with other people, enjoying casual “water cooler chatter”, or even just hearing other people speaking outside my office, it feels strange to me when I go through a day and not hear another person speak.

So today I packed up my laptop and headed to the local coffee shop with good WiFi.

It’s amazing what simply being around other people did for my outlook.

Just hearing humanity buzz around me started to kick up my creativity. As I sat there with my laptop, I found myself knocking out some content for a client as though I was channeling Gary Halbert. After that, I added 5 weeks of blog content ideas to my Marketing Content Calendar. Then I hopped on Canva and created some new images for a social media client.

Little by little, my energy and enthusiasm was returning (and it wasn’t just the caffeine kicking in).

So here I am – at the end of Day 5 – and I can honestly say that I am well on the other side of my eFunk. My entrepreneurial funk is a thing of the past – and I’m now feeling energized, positive and ready to tackle any project or problem that comes my way.

Over these past few days, I’ve tried a variety of techniques to get me motivated again. There was meditation, getting outside, “Pausing for Power“, even doing nothing. Some techniques worked better than others – and what worked for me may not work for you.

But overall, as we make this solopreneur journey together, know that you’re not alone – and when motivation and the drive to continue is low, you just need to ride out the storm – everything is going to be OK.