Breaking my eFunk – Day 2

Advice for Solopreneurs – Motivation Techniques – Will Meditation Do The Trick?

As we all know, there’s no such thing as a “quick fix” – whether it’s building a business from scratch, or getting ourselves out of an eFunk (entrepreneurial funk).

Being a solopreneur can be pretty awesome. You have control over your own destiny, you can work your own hours (although for a lot of us we’re working more hours than ever – but when it’s something we love, it’s not exactly “work”) and you can create a company that allows you to help others through your passions and skills.

But sometimes, staying motivated can be difficult – especially if you’re spending a lot of time solo in your office.

I’ve been in one of those periods where I’m having a hard time building up my energy to serve my clients in the best way that I can – and I have a lot of small business owners that depend upon me to be at my best. So there’s no time to wallow – I need to break out of my funk!

Since I’m sure I’m not the only one, I’m “living my eFunk out loud” – and hopefully, when you hit the same kind of wall, you’ll realize a) you’re not alone and b) this too shall pass.

Because even though it’s been over 7 days (plus 3 more since I started my 5-day Challenge), I know that I’m going to bust through this period, and on the other side be stronger for it. So if you’re going through something similar, hang in there – and I’ll see YOU on the other side too!