Breaking my eFunk – Day 1

Advice for Solopreneurs – Motivation Techniques – Take a Hike!

Yesterday I shared with you that I’m currently working my way through an “eFunk”.

You’ve probably been there too – that “entrepreneurial funk” where you just find that your energy and enthusiasm is low, you’re not working/thinking productively, and no matter how many great things are happening, it’s just not bringing you the positive vibes that it usually does.

You continue to show up, but something is missing…

So yesterday I decided to enroll myself in my own personal challenge – a 5-Day “Break my eFunk”. Each day I’m “test driving” a popular motivation technique for breaking out of a funk. It’s also a great way to get back the motivation/creativity that every solopreneur needs to keep moving forward.

Today I actually “took a right when I needed to go left” and stopped to enjoy some time outside on this amazing Colorado day.

I was driving to get some errands done, but I noticed about 6 hot air balloons lifting off. This is actually a pretty common occurrence in my neighborhood, and I usually take notice, think “there they go again” and continue on my way. But today I decided to #pauseforpower (shout-out to Richa Badami and her 21-Day Pause for Power Challenge). Instead of continuing on my way, I stopped – and just enjoyed that moment.

And just that brief stopping, that enjoyment of those 5 minutes of a detour in my day, really energized me in an unexpected way. So after my errands were done, I decided to not go home right away, but to get outside and enjoy a long walk along a favorite trail.

After all… isn’t the “flexibility of time” one of those reasons we become solopreneurs in the first place?

And you know what?

I’m already starting to feel my eFunk slipping away.

It’s not completely gone – but I can say that right now, simply being outside (at least for me) is going in the “Repeat” column for my list of helpful techniques to recharge and start moving forward again.

How about you? What are your go-to ways of getting yourself unstuck? Anything I should try?