Anatomy of an Agile Marketer

Infographic: Anatomy of an Agile Marketer


We hear it all the time – speak to the customer. But how many marketers actually do that? An Agile Marketer always has the customer in their sights – not to beat them over the head with their messages, but to make sure they’re solving their problems in a way that matters.

Agile Marketers also understand that they may have more than one customer. Oftentimes we need to recognize our internal customers as well – like sales, or customer service.


Agile Marketers are always open to (and seeking out) opportunities to collaborate. Whether it’s with other teammates, or colleagues outside their organization, they understand that the feedback loop is an important element for success.

Agile Marketers also reach outside their discipline to collaborate with non-marketers such as sales, customer service, manufacturing, vendors, etc.

Always Listening (not in a creepy way)

No, not like Alexa, but Agile Marketers are always listening to their customer’s feedback, the marketplace feedback and the feedback of their internal stakeholders.

For example, Agile Marketers don’t create campaign materials for sales without having a salesperson (or two) in on the conversation throughout the process.


Being an Agile Marketer isn’t all hugs and rainbows, we’re driven by what the data is telling us – otherwise how will we know what we’re creating is working?

Keeping an eye on the data also allows us to put the brakes on campaigns that aren’t producing so that we can point our always-limited budget in a different direction.

Servant Leaders

Agile Marketers make the most of the strengths of their team. They trust their teammates to make the right decisions, and jump in to do whatever work is needed to make the team succeed.

Servant Leaders aren’t always “the boss” – they can be found at all levels.

What do you think? What other traits make up the anatomy of an Agile Marketer?