Twenty-five years ago I stumbled into marketing quite by accident. I had graduated from James Madison University with an International Business Degree and a Minor in Music. I found a job back in New Jersey as an Administrative Assistant to an Ad Executive, and realized quickly that I had found my tribe. It didn’t take long for me to manage accounts on my own – The New Jersey Lottery, Showboat Atlantic City Casino and Pathmark, a local grocery chain. Eventually I moved up to an agency in New York City, working on accounts such as Paddington Brands (JB Scotch, Malibu Rum, Rumpleminz).


Eventually I followed my heart and moved to Colorado. There, I continued to expand my marketing experience, working for Hain-Celestial (Celestial Seasonings Tea), Frontier Natural Products Co-Op and Par Avance (where my clients included Lucent Technologies, Jewelers of America and a variety of small businesses).


When the digital revolution hit I quickly joined in, transforming myself into a Digital Marketer with a Traditional Marketing background (a pretty rare combination). Recently I have begun to specialize in Inbound Marketing, Content Creation, SEO, Buyer Persona development and analyzing websites for conversion and best practices.

Marketing has changed a LOT in the last 25 years, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the challenge for small businesses to tap into marketing techniques that will work for them without paying a consultant tens of thousands of dollars…

Until now…

From what I’ve experienced in my marketing consulting business I created Never Stop Marketing to help business owners that find themselves wearing the Marketing Hat (along with other hats) or leaders of small marketing teams understand the fundamentals of marketing without having to spend months earning a marketing degree. I help non-marketers understand what they NEED to know – and help them build a foundation that will put them in a position of strength when it comes to building their business versus chasing after the next shiny digital marketing object.

I hope you find the information and tools available on this site to be helpful. If you would like to talk about one-on-one education I am available for that too.