8 Practical Small Business Marketing Ideas That Won’t Break Your Bank

According to a 2020 survey, 27.2% of the participants said the pandemic had impacted their business. Many small businesses may not have massive budgets for their marketing, but whether your budget is tight or not, it could be time you rethink your marketing strategies, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. The good news is you can use proven marketing tips to bounce back without breaking your bank. Read on to discover insightful marketing strategies you need to implement today. 

Consider an Optimized Business Website

There’s no doubt any modern business needs a website to reach and interact with prospects. For example, a recent study found blog recommendations accounted for 61% of online purchases. If you already own a business website and are not seeing better results, you could be missing something – so now is a good time to evaluate and course-correct. 

One of the best ways you can stand out from your peers is by creating unique and exceptional content. You want to optimize it for SEO to boost traffic and enhance your brand’s awareness. This way, your website can rank on top search engines, including Yahoo, Bing, and Google. That’s why 61% of marketers use SEO in their inbound marketing. 

While other marketing tools like banner ads, email, and social media can boost your website’s traffic, SEO is critical. This is because most internet users rely on search engines to find what they need. Do you have a business website? If not, you may want help from a reputable website service and get started. 

Don’t Ignore Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a great place to start your campaigns since you don’t need massive capital to do it. In 2021, approximately 2.8 billion people use Facebook monthly. At least 1.84 billion users visit the social media channel daily. 

Any small business owner can take advantage of these numbers and attract long-term and loyal clients. All you need to do is create targeted content for your brand and engage users. You want to share valuable content that’s useful to your prospects. 

Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are great networking sites you can use to boost your brand’s visibility and traffic to your business website. Here are some reasons you shouldn’t ignore social media marketing:

  • You can generate more leads without spending much
  • Platform to interact with potential customers and gather vital data
  • Can increase brand awareness leading to more conversions

Create and Utilize Email Marketing Plan 

If you want to retain new prospects from your website, you need an effective email marketing plan. Many marketers have realized the importance of email marketing, and 89% of them are using it to generate leads and boost their businesses

You can use email marketing to engage new visitors and retain your loyal customers. While this strategy isn’t new, many marketers think it’s a reliable way to gain ROI. For better conversations and increased sales with your email marketing, use these super tips:

  • Ensure your subject lines are creative
  • Monitor and review your performance
  • Use email to make irresistible offers to your prospects

What’s Your Unique Selling Proposition?

This is what differentiates you from your competitors, making potential clients prefer your brand. You don’t want to do what everyone is doing because you want to stand out and show prospects you’re unique. Here are a few questions to guide you:

  • Are there benefits to those who buy your products?
  • Why should customers prefer your brand and not your competitors?
  • Do you have any exceptional industry knowledge or skill?
  • Why should potential clients love your offers?

Nurture Long-term Relationships with Your Customers

Every entrepreneur dreams of having loyal customers. If you have existing clients, you need to find how you can retain them. For example, you should focus on providing exceptional customer services to allow them to come back. These strategies can help you maintain a loyal client base:

  • Educate your employees on dealing with customers
  • Listen to your clients and provide the necessary solutions
  • Take advantage of complaints and feedback to offer reliable services
  • Deliver what your customers may expect
  • Engage your customers through your website and social media channels
  • Design a reward system for loyal clients

Review Your Marketing Strategies

Customer purchase behaviors keep changing, and you need to track any trends and update your marketing plan. You also want to know whether your strategies are working according to your expectations.  

Reviewing your marketing strategies allows you to know what’s working and what’s not. You can also spot the best time to introduce other products and whether you need to eliminate some strategies. 

You can review your marketing plan by monitoring customer purchase behaviors and your sales. Free analytics tools can also help you gather vital data from your business website and social media channels. 

Understand Your Target Audience

Understanding your audience is essential when creating a marketing plan for your small business. It allows you to develop ideas that can resonate with your prospects. To know your audience better, here are a few questions you may consider:

  • How can your business help them?
  • What are their needs?
  • What kind of products do they prefer?

Buyer personas can offer you helpful insights into your target audiences, such as interests, responsibilities, and demographics. You can also use this to group your prospects, allowing you to provide personalized marketing campaigns. 

Use Visual Content

Video marketing isn’t slowing down. Approximately 99% of marketers using this strategy say they won’t stop using it in 2021 and beyond. With video marketing gaining popularity, it would be wise to incorporate it into your marketing plan.

Many entrepreneurs are benefiting from video channels like YouTube, Facebook Live, and Instagram Live. If you’re thinking of growing your brand in 2021, it’s time you invest in great visual content.

If you haven’t done any video marketing before, you may want to introduce yourself in your first recording and let people know more about you. However, do not make it long and boring. People are looking for engaging and informative content that can offer solutions.


While the modern business space is competitive, there are many tactics you can use to stand out, depending on your niche. As you think of your next marketing moves for your business, let the strategies outlined here guide you to make informed decisions.