7 Ways To Simplify Your Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’re spending huge amounts of time researching strategies and creating content – but you’re not getting great results –  it could be time to simplify your marketing. A simpler approach could end up being just as effective (if not more) and could be a lot less time-consuming for you. Below are just some of the different ways to simplify your social media marketing. 

Focus on one or two platforms

While having accounts on every social media platform can give you greater web presence, it also means that you have more to manage. Sometimes it’s actually better to focus on one of two social media channels where you can focus all your attention and make a bigger impact. Doing this allows you to develop a deeper understanding of how your chosen social media platform works. When choosing a social media channel to focus on, think about which channel is most heavily used by your customers and which one is easiest to create content for. For example, Instagram could be best if you own a photography studio, while X (Twitter) could be better if you own a financial consultancy firm. 

Schedule your posts

Many social media accounts allow you to schedule posts. This allows you to create posts in advance and then set a time and date to publish them. If you want to publish a date at a certain peak time when customers are using that social media platform but you’re likely to be in a meeting at that time, scheduling could be a solution to this. Scheduling can also be great for posting content aimed at international clients when you may be asleep. Finally, it could allow you to do all the week’s social media marketing at once in a single day rather than having to stagger it throughout the week.

Share others’ content

Not everything you post has to be your own content. Sharing other social media users’ content can be a great way of building relationships with other users, while also ensuring that you’re staying active on social media. Just make sure that you’re not solely sharing other people’s content. It’s also important that there isn’t a conflict of interest – share content from businesses within your industry, but not your competitors.

Recycle effective content

Posted a study or a photo a few months ago that got some good reactions. Don’t be afraid to repost it. You could share the post, or post it with slightly different wording/hashtags. This is a simple way to keep your social media updated without having to continuously come up with new content ideas. Just don’t recycle content too frequently in a short period of time. 

Make use of automation

You can automate certain social media tasks like re-running ad campaigns, sharing blog posts on social media or even advertisements of weekly deals. You can look into various social media automation tools online. Many of these are free to use. 

Hire a marketing agency

A great way to reduce personal time spent marketing on social media is to hire a marketing agency. This agency can manage your social media accounts for you and post content on your behalf. You may still need to contribute photos and information, but a lot of the content creation and strategizing can be done for you. 

Hire in-house support

Another option is to hire in-house employees to manage your social media accounts. This employee can then manage your social media for you while still being able to work closely with you if you still want to be able to provide regular input. If this is not enough work to justify a full-time position, consider offering this duty to an existing member of staff or hire someone part time.