6 Key Ways to Highlight Your Business Assets in Your Marketing Materials

Every piece of marketing material is an opportunity to showcase your business. It’s vital that we highlight our business assets in our marketing materials, but it’s also essential to ensure that we’re not blowing our own trumpet too much. Granted, it’s all about tone of voice, but there are a number of different ways for you to highlight your business assets in your marketing materials, so let’s show you some:

Showcase Your Expertise

Expertise is one of those things that can be wide and sprawling, but you also need to showcase your credentials. There are so many different ways that you can do this, whether it’s through testimonials and case studies, sharing industry insights, or about the professional relationships you have.

For example, something like payment processing may not necessarily be front and center of your marketing materials, but if you are using payment processing from North.com and other reliable suppliers who have made a name for themselves, there is no reason why you can’t incorporate this into your marketing material, whether it’s in a blog or something more in keeping with what you’re trying to communicate.

Your USP

It’s vital we determine what sets us apart from our competitors, and while this is a very old piece of advice, it is this that becomes the central focus of our marketing materials. We want to be different and therefore we need to dig deep and figure out what actually sets us apart.

If nothing does, it might be time to go back to your drawing board and revisit your business plan. There’s a handy guide on understanding your USP on TheGood.com to get you thinking.

Emphasizing Your Brand Identity

From your logo to the color scheme and typography, it needs to be consistent across all marketing materials, as this is a constant reinforcement of your brand which makes it easily recognizable in the long run.

Highlight the Customer Benefits

Focusing on how your business assets translate into benefits for the customers and how your products and services solve problems is pivotal. You could utilize what is known as social proof, for example, reviews, success stories, or customer testimonials to demonstrate the value of your business assets.

Awards and Certifications

If your business has received industry recognition or holds important certifications, you should proudly and prominently display these.

There can be a debate as to whether an award from 10 years ago still holds merit; however, if you are a business that’s focused on safety, for example, acquiring the relevant ISO certifications, you can link this to how your business is preparing itself for now and the future.

Demonstrations or Samples

The proof is in the pudding. By providing ways for potential customers to experience your products and services firsthand, whether it’s through free trials or demos, you can effectively highlight your business assets within your marketing materials.

You need to ensure they are more compelling and persuasive to your target audience, and some or all of these strategies can make a huge difference in the long run.