5 Ways to Beat the Energy Crisis at Your Company

The world is seeing an energy crisis like never before as wholesale gas and electricity prices soar. Additionally, the impending cold war with significant oil and gas suppliers like Russia makes the issue all the more perplexing. And while you need to be smart about energy usage at home, your business will also incur expenses if you don’t shift your attitude towards waste.

#1: Switch Off all Non-Essentials

Like at home, there are many things at your business establishment that don’t need to be left on. Many devices consume power, and you may not be aware of it. For instance, you can switch off computers rather than being left in sleep mode. You should also turn off electric tools and equipment at the source, which also helps make the area safer. Of course, some devices need to be left on at some businesses, like fast food franchises. Fridges and freezers are examples. But for the most part, everything that isn’t needed for safety can be turned off to save on your bills.

#2: Install Modern Lighting Solutions

When the world first began its shift towards cleaner homes and reduced energy use, lighting was one of the first things to be addressed. LED lights are cheaper and use up to 90% less electricity than standard bulbs. Yet you can further save money by installing modern lighting solutions such as motion sensors and timers. For instance, employees of customer restrooms aren’t always occupied, so it is a waste of energy and money to leave the lights on. Additionally, smart lights come with apps that allow you to switch them on and off remotely or set timers.

#3: Switch to Renewable Fuels

Renewable energy is the future of the world’s electricity production. Solar, wind, geo, and hydro solutions offer clean, green, and unlimited electricity production. And where these technologies were once expensive, improvements have lowered the costs. For instance, you can install photovoltaic solar panels for between $10,000 and $20,000, yet the electricity produced will reduce your bills by up to 25% or more. Additionally, clean energy suppliers can cost a little less than fossil fuels, and your carbon footprint will be substantially lower.

#4: Regulate Temperature and AC

Like lighting, your business premises don’t require a constant temperature or air control unless you store wine or valuable artwork. Therefore, you can safely switch off HVAC systems or lower your thermostats when your employees and customers are not there, and you will save a large chunk of change. For example, switching off the air conditioning out of working hours will effectively half your electricity bill. In addition, most modern HVACs can be set to a timer, so you can have the AC and heating back on before your employees come into work in the morning.

#5: Educate Employees

Lowering costs where possible isn’t the sole responsibility of a business owner. As such, you should educate your employees about shifting to best practices when it comes to reducing waste since waste doesn’t only mean garbage. A green plan will save your company money, as well as help play your part for the planet. Additionally, some countries consider fines and penalties for businesses that do not comply with reduction guidelines. Asking employees to switch off devices is a perfect start, with further education down the line.