5 Tips for Winning Back Prior Customers

Winning new clients is never easy, which is why finding ways to get previous customers back should be a priority for your small business. Remarketing to recent customers can be a simple task, but attracting consumers that haven’t used your brand for a long time is far tougher – although not impossible.

Here are 5 simple steps to help you reach back out to previous customers and rekindle your relationship.

#1. Use Promotional Freebies

Promotional freebies aren’t only great for marketing events. They are a great way to spread positive vibes and get people thinking about your brand.

Visit https://www.dynamicgift.com.au to learn more about the various options available. Any item that will be used regularly and add value to the user’s life will work wonders and your brand will be fresh in their minds once more. Meanwhile, the mental link between your company and positive influences on their lives could edge them to visit your store or website once more.

#2. Use Special Discounts

Consumers want to feel valued. Nothing gives them that excitement like a promotion that is exclusive to them. If you have their contact details, email marketing streams with killer headlines and a brilliant offer can lure them back in.

Meanwhile, telemarketing can be equally powerful. The key is to use a timed promotion because it forces them to take action. Even a significant discount where you only make a small profit is worthwhile. Once your customers are back in the routine of buying from your company, further transactions can follow.

#3. Create New Routes To Engagement

If the client became bored with your brand, now is the time to help them rediscover the spark. You can do this in several ways. While the most obvious is to launch a new range of products, you may wish to consider alternatives.

This could include launching a YouTube channel or a podcast channel. When the content is shared on social media and other outlets, memories of your brand will come flooding back to the viewer. In turn, a few interactions with this content could translate to future sales.

#4. Encourage Them To Spread The Word

Another tactic to regain business from previous customers is to get them talking about your brand as a brand ambassador. Essentially, reaching out to them to seek a review or testimonial could plant the seed that grows into renewed relationships.

Visit https://www.thebom.com.au/ to find out more about it. The power of recommendation can bring new clients to the door while also encouraging the past client to reconsider the brand. In addition to seeking referrals, you may wish to open an affiliate scheme.

#5. Ask For Their Thoughts

In many cases, you may have lost a customer’s business due to a single mistake. Therefore, asking them how you can be better may help fix the situation. If nothing else, it shows that you care about their opinions and have a desire to provide the products and services that they would like.

Given that the majority of consumers now actively seek a better customer experience, this could make a big difference. Be personal and authentic when reaching out to past costumes, and you’ll be amazed by the results.

What do you think? Have you tried other ways to lure back customers that hasn’t been listed? Let me know in the comments!