5 Non-work-related Online Courses that can Benefit Your Employees

When it comes to employee training, the priority is to build skill sets that are going to be beneficial for the business and the career progression of each individual. 

With this in mind, the team leader needs to find the best training option for each team member. Online training is a popular approach as it offers flexibility, so employees can complete the training at their own pace without affecting their day-to-day productivity and lifestyle. 

However, role-based training can miss opportunities for self-growth. Employees often struggle with self-confidence issues despite showing the right skills for the task at hand. Indeed, learning the skills for a specific role doesn’t provide someone with the knowledge and ability to develop soft skills or extra-curricular knowledge. So, here are instead 5 non-role focused training course ideas that can empower your employees:

#1. First aid courses

Every company should have a certified first aider on site. However, many employees could benefit from learning the basics of CPR and first aid emergency response in day-to-day situations. Indeed, online training such as https://cprcertificationnow.com/products/cpr-first-aid-bloodborne-pathogens-certification-online can help make more people aware of the right gestures. While they may not be qualified as an official first aider, those of your team who want to gain confidence in a health crisis will appreciate this opportunity. 

#2. Learning to network like a pro

So many business opportunities are lost because people don’t know how to build meaningful connections. Networking is not a sales skill. Networking can benefit anyone on any career path. Therefore, building up the skills and strategy to approach people in a business environment, with a course such as https://www.revolutionlearning.co.uk/courses/business-networking-skills-training-course/, can be a game-changer for your team’s self-confidence and success. Effective networking can support someone’s career, their business influence, the brand, and much more. 

#3. Foreign language courses

Most professional roles do not require a knowledge of foreign languages. However, there could be a lot to gain when you can speak a foreign language:

  • Better awareness of different communication needs of people from a different cultural backgrounds, even if you are not fluent in their language
  • Better understanding when reaching out to international markets
  • Liaising with leads and partners all around the world
  • Enhanced cultural awareness

Employees with language skills are always a force for the business, even if they don’t use their knowledge in day-to-day operations. 

#4. Meditation and relaxation training

Office life can be hectic. Under stress, conflicts can arise, and employees are more vulnerable to burnout. Unfortunately, getting rid of stressful situations at work can be tricky. Nobody can prevent an unexpected last-minute deadline or a difficult client. However, finding online training courses that teach your team how to relax in a difficult situation can help protect their mental health. 

#5. Healthy snacks and eating ideas

The most popular food in the office is a sandwich with chips, quickly followed by cookies and donuts. When it comes to nutritional value, these options leave much to be desired. They are ineffective, inadequate, and can even be counterproductive. Employees don’t feel energized or alert after food, and it can also affect their health in the long term. So, you may want to introduce online training that can teach them some crucial nutritional tricks for the office. 

Online training needs to be diversified to support employees at and outside of work. Providing non-role-related training that can boost their confidence and self-care abilities is vital to building a strong, reliable, and happy team!