5 Conversion-building Methods for Your Online Business

There is no shortage of people online offering conversion-busting methods through expensive courses and subscriptions. While some more advanced ideas may be worth paying for, you don’t need to always start there – there is plenty online for free. For example, here are five ideas to get you started increasing sales.

Integrate Modern Technologies

You can’t continue to do things the old way and expect results – not when it comes to online sales. Like all industries, online sales and eCommerce change all the time. And also, just like many other industries, you need to use new technology to stay ahead of the game.

Your customers will expect elements such as live chat software like ApexChat that can answer basic queries and direct them to human customer service and sales reps to capture more leads.

Don’t Skimp on A/B Testing

A/B testing is the method used to see how your website can help increase conversions. A good site should be able to take incoming visitors on any given day and turn them into paying customers.

A common method is to create two versions of a landing page or even an entire website and use different lead-generating and conversion methods. Over time, you analyze which one performs better, enhance it further, and make it your primary product site.

Conversion-Building Methods Includes Sales Funnels

The sales funnel is essential to increase conversions. Typically it begins with an awareness of your product, generated interest, and then a sale. But getting this right can be complex, and how much time people need to make a decision is dependent on the complexity and expense of what you are selling.

You can increase awareness with marketing and SEO, whereby a customer is organic. Generate interest with promotions and finalize a sale by offering value.

Don’t Speak in a Technical Way

It’s OK to use jargon within a specific social group. For example, you can use jargon about sales when speaking to another salesperson because they will know what you mean. However, jargon doesn’t chime with customers.

A good rule of thumb is to assume they know nothing about the product and the sector. For example, a customer who just wants a hard drive replacement doesn’t care about the technical specs. So use the time to upsell rather than waste it speaking.

Work Hard to Establish Trust

Customers don’t buy from people they don’t trust. That’s a straight fact. And, of course, they don’t know you. So you need to make them trust you. So, how do you do this? There are a few ways to establish customer trust.

One of the key methods today is by using customer reviews and testimonials on your website. Introducing your team on your site or blog also helps put faces to the corporate name. And you can also provide clear and easy contact methods.


So there you have it – a few ideas for conversion-building methods for your online business. You can use AI and chat to capture leads, work on your sales funnel, and work to establish client trust.