5 Best Places to Target Your Advertising

Advertising can be a great way to build brand awareness and generate new customers. But just where should you be displaying your adverts? Below are just five of the best types of platforms.

#1: Search engines

Want more customers to visit your website? Millions use search engines like Google and Bing every day to search for products and services. Roughly 41% of all search engine clicks go to the first three sponsored ads, making this a great way to build leads. These platforms allow you to pay for search engine ads – when you do this, your website listing is displayed at the top of the rankings as a sponsored ad.

To create a sponsored ad, you need to sign up to Google Ads or Bing Ads. You can then set the parameters of your ad, including which keywords will trigger your ad to display (it’s worth doing some keyword research before creating your ad).

#2: Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter also get millions of daily users. Advertising on these platforms could be a great way to build brand awareness and generate leads. The likes of Facebook offers two different ways to advertise – Boosted Posts and Facebook Ads.

Boosted posts are simpler to use, but have limits to customization. With Facebook Ads, you can target your ad more specifically. Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram can be great places to advertise too.

#3: Streaming Platforms

Streaming platforms have been increasing in popularity every year. YouTube is the most popular streaming platform for videos and is a great place to experiment with video ads. These are displayed at the beginning or during other videos on YouTube.

Advertising on YouTube is much cheaper than trying to advertise on TV and allows you to target your ads more specifically. In addition to YouTube, it’s also worth considering music streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. As marketing expert Joey Armstrong states, “music streaming grew by 20% in 2020, while the number of radio listeners decreased”.

You can place audio ads and video ads on these platforms. Spotify ads are much cheaper than radio ads and you can target them much more specifically. 

#4: Mobile Apps

More of us are using mobile apps – particularly mobile games. In-app advertising could be another effective way of advertising your company. This involves displaying ads within apps. In-app advertising relies less on pay-per-click and more on bidding for ads. This handy guide to in-app advertising by Aparna Sosale explains more on how to create such ads. 

#5: Niche Physical Locations

The internet isn’t the only place to target your advertising. While many types of physical advertising such as billboards and public transport adverts have seen a loss in revenue, they can still be an effective way to build brand awareness.

The key is to put them in the right locations where your key audience is more likely to be found. A poster promoting landscaping services is much more likely to generate leads when displayed in a neighborhood with lots of properties that have backyards rather than an urban neighborhood made up mainly of apartments.