4 Strategies to Take Advantage of these 2021 Marketing Trends

This blog post will talk about marketing trends that you should consider to stay ahead of your competition. It covers four different strategies and reasons why they are effective for businesses. If you want more information on how these strategies can help your business grow, keep reading!

SMS Marketing 

SMS marketing is a very cost-effective way to market your business. But, how does it work? Well, you can set up an automated retail SMS marketing campaign where people who sign up using their phone number will receive promotional SMS messages from time to time. 

Sms marketing is essential for marketers and businesses alike because of its affordable price and because it keeps them in touch with potential customers without worrying about substantial costs.

What you can do: Set up an SMS-based customer service chatbot on your website or mobile app to offer help at any time of day. Your potential customers will appreciate the extra attention, too!   


Chatbots are AI-powered chat interfaces that will be able to interact with users naturally. These bots can help automate customer service, increase online sales and even handle complex transactions such as purchase orders, account openings, or product deliveries. Chatbots could also drastically reduce the time spent answering routine inquiries from customers by up to 70%. 

An example of how this might work is that if you want to make a payment for your online order, all you have to do is type “pay now,” followed by the checkout code given at confirmation email, and then tap the send icon. Then, a chatbot would automatically initiate the transaction requested without requiring any further input from either party involved. 

Companies like Facebook, Google, and Messenger are now using chatbots to provide customer service assistance for issues such as account logins or sending messages to contacts without the need of downloading a separate app.

Automated Email Marketing

It has been an interesting few years for email marketing. With the introduction of GDPR and SPAM laws, many marketers have had to change their tactics. However, it’s not all bad news. Automated emails can be really great resources if used correctly to reduce workloads and make sure you’re sending emails at relevant times. 

To help us out with this, here are some simple tips;

– Use responsive templates: It is important that you use template designs compatible with any device – mobile or desktop – so they will look good on every screen size without needing alterations from the user end; something like this blog post would work well. Of course, this also means you’ll need to test your email designs on various devices before sending them out.

– Include a clear unsubscribe option: Make sure that there is an easy and quick way for users to stop receiving emails from you. This could be as simple as having an ‘unsubscribe’ button at the bottom of every email, or it could mean including some text such – “If you want to stop getting these emails, please click here.” 

– Automate where possible: One benefit of using automated systems is that they will allow marketers more time in their days because most tasks are carried out automatically with little input from marketers. This means they can spend more time doing other marketing tasks that need human input.

– Stay up to date with the latest email marketing laws: With GDPR and SPAM regulations, it is unlikely you’ll be able to send emails out without some form of consent or opt-in from your user base. So make sure you stay on top of any changes in legislation.

Automated emails have changed a lot since the introduction of new regulations, but there are still ways for marketers to use them effectively.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a strategy that marketers have been using for years. For example, many companies partner with famous people to create ads and endorsements on social media sites like Instagram. 

The idea behind influencer marketing is that when someone sees an ad or endorsement from a person they idolize (or at least admire), then they’re more likely to buy because the message will resonate better with them. 

In 2021, companies should use this tactic more often as there are already so many famous and influential personalities who can share content in return for payment or other incentives.


In conclusion, the world of marketing is constantly evolving, motivating companies to change to remain relevant. However, the four strategies in this article are sure to help you stay on top and will be advantageous for years to come.