3 Ways to Streamline Your Sales Team

You might have fantastic content that pulls in readers all day, every day, your traffic is high, and your engagement is excellent. 

But you simply aren’t seeing the conversions you should expect from that amount of traffic. 

Perhaps your sales team was vetted, tested, and has an incredible track record – and you still aren’t getting beyond 2% sales. 

The sales cycle is a process that needs to be carefully maintained and streamlined. Your sales team needs to have the tools at their disposal to take care of their prospects from start to finish. 

So when it comes to streamlining your sales process, here are some tips that can give your sales team even more power.

Hand-off process

If the hand-off process between the marketing team and the sales team isn’t smooth or untimely, you have an issue. Often this is where some of the leads will fall through the cracks. The communication between marketing and sales needs to be clean and concise. 

Having a good CRM system in place can make this transition smoother, but it also means your marketing team needs to mark the leads correctly – qualified, to nurture, or other. 

Ensure that the hand-off process is massaged and maintained so that the hand-off doesn’t even feel like a hand-off. 


Do your sales team have everything they need to make the most of their abilities in a remote world? Some people are born salespeople and can handle clients with finesse, and they don’t need tools to do it. 

However, you should have tools that can be accessed and updated on the fly for organizational purposes. Including (but not limited to) contract signing, security, checking customer connections, and more. Look at what your business needs and how filemaker pro advanced can help.

Use tools to help automate as much of the admin that will need to be processed as possible so that you have hands-on experience from the sales team where it matters the most. Anything repetitive that could be automated but isn’t is effectively sucking time up from your sales team. 


The leaders in closing deals are some of the most interesting teams in the industry. For you to be able to replicate them is a big deal. One of the biggest things that bigger companies do is that they make sure that their staff attends mandatory training throughout the year. 

The training for sales teams can help them build fast profiles in their mind and understand (and attack( pain points with speed. 

The most successful companies will also have a user-centric (customer-focused) strategy. Everything they do in their process and the language they use is designed to work for their users. 

Using their buyer persona, they use language that meets the user where they are at. Not everything a billion-dollar company does will work for you – but what you can bank on is that their sales process is highly streamlined and it is worth investigating it. 

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