3 Steps to Greener Marketing

In recent years, we’ve all been focusing on making our actions in business more sustainable.

From start-ups to blue chip corporations, there has been a definite shift towards more eco-friendly practices – largely driven by more conscious clients and customers who want to know that the organizations they deal with have the same values as them. And the current global pandemic has only served to highlight how a greener approach is needed more than ever.

Of course, looking after our planet and its resources has always made perfect sense – but now customers are on board in full force, and it’s become imperative for companies to consider how they can operate less wastefully.

There are probably already operational steps you are taking to improve your practice – but what about your marketing?

Skip the Printed Stuff

Printed marketing materials were on the decline anyway – most customers prefer the convenience of digital formats. They are more targeted to ensure that marketing budget is better spent, plus if circumstances and offers change they can quickly be amended, unlike print which can be rendered completely invalid.

If you have areas that still rely on printed brochures, look at ways to minimize it – could you just print a small business card with key selling messages and a website link or QR code for customers to jump straight to a special offer rather than a 40-page brochure?

Publicize Your Green Processes

If you’re working hard behind the scenes to improve what you do and make it more sustainable, then why not communicate that?

Customers respond really well to understanding more about how a product or service is making itself more eco-friendly.

Don’t be afraid to explore a complex process or refer them to a partner for more information – you may have gone through a piece of work to implement recycled product packaging, or if you’ve done work to separate waste oil, ask them to visit www.owstech.com to learn more about the process. You’ll be surprised by how interested most customers are, and it’s a good way to turn casual visitors into brand advocates. You could even explore working with a PR agency to get the message out there. 

Revisit Your Promotional Items 

If you use promotional items correctly, they can be a great way to keep your brand front of mind with your prospects, and it is possible to source brilliant, eco-friendly promotional items that won’t cost the earth (literally and metaphorically). Items like solar-powered phone chargers, reusable coffee cups and water bottles, or even seeds and plants are generally well received and reflect sustainable values that your business has. They are a great way to get the message across while being more thoughtful than the usual disposable plastic items. 

With some careful thought, you can make the messaging and execution of your marketing much more reflective of eco-friendly values, resonate with the customer and show respect for the planet while getting your brand out there.