3 Reasons To Start A Blog On Your Business Site

If you run a business with an online presence, you’re probably always looking for ways to update your website. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses faced the herculean task of digitizing their entire operation in a very short space of time. Due to the rush, you may have missed great opportunities to make your website even better – but it’s not too late.

One way to update your business’ website in a major way is to start a blog. While you may not see the immediate connection, here are 3 reasons to add a blog to your company website.

#1: Blogs Drive Traffic to Your Website

The number one reason to start a blog on your page is to drive more traffic to your site. Using SEO techniques like keywords, affiliate links, link building, and posting regular content, you can push Google to index your website higher up on its search results. Plus, your blog will make your website more easy to find for users in your local area, or who are searching for advice about your industry.

Plus, with online blogging tools, you can analyze your website’s performance after posting content. This will allow you to modify your content and update it to gain better results. You can use an adwords agency to help you promote your blog too!

#2: You Can Monetize Your Business’ Blog 

Not only can your blog generate revenue by driving more traffic to your website, but it can also be monetized. If you gain sponsorships from affiliate companies or other bloggers, you can actually make money from the blog itself. This is a great way to gain a second stream of revenue that will support your business.

Monetizing your business’ blog might require a little investment – hiring professional SEO trained content writers is a start. These writers can optimize your blog’s use of keywords and help you strategically place affiliate links too.

#3: Blogs Humanize Your Company

Money aside, a blog for your business is the perfect way to humanize your company. Especially if you work within a more “faceless” industry like IT or trading, writing a blog from the point of view of your business can soften this hard exterior.

Some ideas for business blogs to get started include:

  • The story of your business: how your company got started, and its history up until now.
  • Your mission: what your business hopes to achieve in the next five, ten, or even twenty years!
  • Your company ethos: the ethical pillars that uphold your business.
  • The things that matter in your industry: what customers should look for in a business (and detail the things you offer!). 

Final Thoughts

If you are yet to start a blog for your business’ website, now is the time! A business blog can increase your revenue and make customers emotionally, as well as financially, invested in your company as the years go by. What more could you want?