3 Biggest Mistakes B2B Companies Make With Their Websites

You’ve spent a lot of time and money on your website. Maybe the process was relatively “friction-free”, or maybe you had to get buy-in from multiple individuals in your company. No matter the development process, your site is up and running.

But is it really set up for OPTIMAL conversion?

I’ve worked with a lot of B2B companies, helping them optimize their sites for conversion. Typically, here are the 3 biggest mistakes I see from B2B companies when it comes to their websites.

Mistake #1 – You’re Only Talking About Yourself

The internet has leveled the playing field. No longer can companies expect to “own” the conversation. Their prospects expect more from them than ever before. Today, “engagement” is the key to success online.

So why are companies still going on and on and on about themselves?

Take a look at your site. How often do you use the words “I” over “you”? Is your content focused on how your product or service is going to transform your clients? Are you clear on how you will address their pain points?

For example:

Rather than this:

We have over 25 years of experience in supplement manufacturing. Our state-of-the-art facility is located in Des Moines, IA and we manufacture supplements for large and small companies. Our staff is ready to help answer your questions so call us today. No order minimums.

Say this:

Are you tired of being ignored by your supplement supplier because you’re small? You will receive the same personalized service from our account staff as our large clients. We also make sure that your account executive will keep you informed about the most advanced formulations available to help you stay ahead of your competition.

Version two helps answer the questions before they’re asked. When your content is developed with your Buyer Personas in mind, you will see your conversion – and engagement increasing.

Mistake #2 – You’re Not Collecting Leads

Believe it or not, I still see many companies that are not collecting email data from their prospects. When you have a prospects email address, you begin to “own” the conversation (versus relying on Facebook, Google etc to manage the pipeline to your messages).

Here are some of the most effective ways to collect email addresses on your site:

1) Valuable white papers in exchange for their email address

2) Discounts or Exclusive Offers

3) Exclusive access to webinars

The key to effective “lead magnets” (an offer in exchange for a lead’s personal information such as email or phone number) is to offer your prospects information, education or tools that will help them get their jobs done or will relieve a pain point.

Don’t offer lead magnets that only serve your company. You will find that you will have a higher conversion rate when you DON’T talk about yourself, your products or your services.

Once you have collected a lead, make sure you have developed an effective sales funnel. An effective sales funnel usually involves automated emails that provide your prospects with 80% education and 20% sales. The company that can help their prospects execute their jobs better will move their products and services to the front of the line when your prospects have reached the point in their Buyer Journey where they’re ready to make their purchase decisions.

Mistake #3 – You Forget Your Prospects Are Human

Today, marketing and sales have data at their fingertips that their predecessors could only dream of. The availability of data helps everyone make better targeting decisions.

However, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that behind all of that data are human beings. Humans that have a job to do, a boss to impress, a goal to hit.

When you’re using your data to build your marketing plans, always layer empathy on top of the numbers. When you look at your data through an empathetic lens, you will create more effective messaging.

So take a look at your site? Are you making any of these mistakes? The good news is, all of these are easy to address – so get started!