2 Things to Do Today to Help Your Business Go Green

Do you and your team want to take some effective steps to ensure your business gets greener? Here are two quick changes you can follow today to make sure your small business can reduce its carbon footprint and limit its environmental impact in no time at all!

Use Less Energy 

One of the best ideas that you can explore to ensure you can become a more eco-friendly business involves using less energy.

The more energy that you use, the greater your carbon footprint will be, and it’s fair to say that businesses and corporations are some of the worst culprits when it comes to the overconsumption of energy. For instance, where many businesses could invest in an air compressor to reduce compressed air energy costs, they avoid it.

Fortunately, there are so many innovative ideas that you can explore when it comes to using less energy, as you can begin by replacing your normal lights with motion-sensing lights so that they can switch off whenever no one is in the room. It’s far too common for staff to forget to switch lights off when they leave a room, but it’s fair to say that such a mistake can easily cause your business to have a much more detrimental impact on the environment than is truly necessary.

Another energy-saving idea that you can explore in your office involves triggering a ‘standby’ mode on any devices before you head out for the evening, as leaving technology on all night can force your electricity bill to become far higher than you can afford!

The less energy that you can use, the smaller your impact will be on the environment, so it’s always going to be beneficial to try and work on cutting your electricity bill. 

Change The Way You Use Paper 

It’s highly likely that almost any business will get through a pretty serious amount of paper each day, but the way that you use paper can have serious implications for the environment.

Paper comes from trees, meaning healthy forests regularly get destroyed simply to make paper and paper products.

To work around this, you can instead invest in recycled paper, as this is paper that has already served a number of purposes and can continue to serve more purposes even when you are done with it.

Choosing to recycle your waste paper will no doubt have a noticeable impact on your carbon footprint, as disposing of your paper in such a sustainable manner will certainly aid you in becoming a more environmentally conscious business.

Simply reducing the need for so much paper can also help, as exploring paperless systems like OnPay Solutions will allow you to use fewer resources without faltering on productivity or security. 

These two suggestions are a great place to start as you work to turn your business green!