10 Ways to Make Blogging Simpler

Running a successful blog takes a lot of commitment. While you should ultimately enjoy blogging, there will be times when it feels laborious. By taking advantage of certain shortcuts and connecting with others, you can help to take a lot of the work out of blogging. This post outlines 10 examples of ways to make blogging simpler. 

Follow your passion

You must be writing about topics that you are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about. Don’t try to blog about viral things you have no interest in just to get clicks – you’ll build the wrong type of readers and then you’ll feel compelled to produce similar content for which you have no passion. It’s good for all blogs to stick to a niche. This niche should be something that genuinely interests you and you enjoy researching.

Schedule your posts

You should be publishing blog content regularly at an even rate. The most successful blogs publish new content every day. However, this doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to write every day. Taking advantage of post scheduling allows you to write blog posts in advance and then schedule them to be published on certain dates at certain times.

Some bloggers find it easier to write the whole week’s content in one day and then schedule it to be published throughout the week. This could allow you to write when you have free time and when you feel at your most creative. 

Use a template

Some blogs try to follow a distinct style with all their content. This could include similar sections and headings to create a distinct tone of voice. For example, if you run a film blog, you may have a ‘movie of the week’ post in which your review follows a certain format. 

Creating a template can save you time writing these posts. Each of these posts can’t be too similar. However, it could be useful to have things like headers and disclaimers filled in. 

Try blog image editing tools

When it comes to personalizing images in your blog posts such as thumbnails and infographics, some tools can make this whole process much easier. Such tools can provide you with professional templates or can allow you to automatically resize/refocus images. This can save you time playing around in Photoshop. Many of these image editing tools are free, although there are versions that you can pay to upgrade to for more features. Consider checking some of these out to make your posts look more professional.

Automatically share posts on social media

One of the biggest ways to get exposure for your blog posts is to share them on social media. However, manually sharing posts on each platform after publishing can be a chore. A simpler way to handle this task is to automate it. There are tools you can use that allow you to automatically share blog posts to all social media platforms once they are published. Some of these tools can also be used to automatically reshare old content or schedule content for peak times. 

Experiment with AI

Generative AI tools like ChatGPT are already being used within blogging. These artificial intelligence programs can write entire posts for you using a short prompt. However, they do come with several caveats – these AI programs rely on scanning content that is already out there, and so may tend to plagiarize content which could lead to damaged rankings.

It is better to use these AI tools to form a basic draft which you can then personalise and edit to make it feel more human. Of course, many bloggers may still prefer the act of writing posts from scratch rather than relying on AI – and such posts do tend to feel more natural. Therefore, it’s up to you as to how much you take advantage of this tool. You can find more in-depth guides to AI and blogging online. 

Accept guest content

If you want to easily create more content and don’t want to rely on AI, there is another solution. You could welcome content from guest writers to help pad out your blog. These guest posts will still need to be moderated and edited to ensure they reflect the quality and tone of your blog.

However, it could reduce the amount of content you have to write yourself – particularly if you’re able to take on regular guest writers. Some writers will be willing to contribute voluntarily, but if you want regular content on specific dates each week you may have to consider offering payment. 

Buy a Bluetooth keyboard

Using a smartphone, it’s possible to blog on the go. This can be a productive way to pass the time while traveling somewhere by train or waiting for the doctor. However, using a smartphone screen keyboard can be a nuisance when you’re trying to quickly write up a blog.

A way to make blogging on your phone easier is to buy a Bluetooth keyboard. This is a small portable keyboard more similar to a PC keyboard that can allow you to write as if you were on a computer. It’s easier than having to take around your laptop.  

Connect with other bloggers on social media

Social media is one of the most efficient ways to promote your blog. However, it’s still not easy to generate readers simply by sharing posts. One efficient way to build an audience is to connect with people who you know are going to be into blogs – and what better people to target than fellow bloggers.

By searching for other similar blogs and interacting with their posts, you can build online relationships with other bloggers. You can then provide support for one another’s blogs. In the process, you’ll build awareness among other readers. 

Pay to get more reach

Another simple way to gain exposure is to pay to boost your posts. Your posts will then be seen by lots of people who wouldn’t ordinarily stumble across your content. In order to create effective advertising campaigns, it’s important to target the right audience.

The likes of Facebook allow you to narrow down the demographic. Take your time to carefully set these parameters so that your posts are being exposed to the right people.