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customer experience

3 Effective Ways to Improve Your Customer Experience

The customer experience is an essential part of a company’s success. If it isn’t up to a high standard, you risk losing customers long-term. You’ll need to improve your customer experience and make sure it stays great. This helps to make sure customers have a great image of your company, encouraging them to keep coming

6 Key Ways to Highlight Your Business Assets in Your Marketing Materials

Every piece of marketing material is an opportunity to showcase your business. It’s vital that we highlight our business assets in our marketing materials, but it’s also essential to ensure that we’re not blowing our own trumpet too much. Granted, it’s all about tone of voice, but there are a number of different ways for

How to Effectively Engage Your Target Audience

One of the main challenges that new business owners face is getting their products noticed. There is nothing more frustrating than spending months, or even years developing a product and then perfecting it, only to struggle to get it noticed. Unfortunately, this is a problem that so many entrepreneurs face. Many people assume that developing

future marketing

Are You Planning Your Future Marketing Right?

As we all know, marketing is hugely important in any business, and it’s something that you will want to make sure you are thinking about if you are keen on trying to find success with your business. For that, you will find it is helpful to make sure you are planning your future marketing out

Marketing Your Environmentally Responsible Business

Marketing your business as an environmentally responsible enterprise is something that takes a lot of time and effort. It isn’t always easy.  But adopting the right tactics can help you get it right. Here’s everything you need to do:  Focus On Transparency You’ll want to start by focusing on transparency. Your business shouldn’t look like

essential landing page

The Essential Elements Of An Effective Landing Page

When it comes to marketing and digital sales funnels, nothing is more important than an effective landing page. Nailing this aspect of the sales pipeline is vital for ensuring ongoing success.  But what elements should you include to convert more people? Let’s take a look.  Make Your USP Clear Whatever your unique selling point (USP)

Biz pitch techniques

4 Techniques to Help You Nail Your Next Business Pitch

Any business pitch is a challenge, whether you’re doing it in person or virtually. You need to get your audience to sit up and pay attention if you want them to be interested in your business and where you’re taking it. Pitches are hard to get right, but they often become easier with practice too.

6 marketing mistakes to avoid

6 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Marketing, like anything, can be plagued by mistakes people make repeatedly. While some are big no-nos made without a thought process, others are oversights that can undo all of your hard work. But with marketing ever-changing and new and more effective methods hitting the market, what are the most critical mistakes you need to avoid,

new biz owner misconception

New Business Owners Should Know About These 4 Common Misconceptions

There are some things that every business owner needs to know if they want to be successful – choosing products, filing taxes, finding customers, etc. There’s other information out there that is extremely important, too. When you’re a business owner, the last thing you want to deal with is misconceptions.  Most business owners, especially smaller