My clients and students often ask me for advice on the tools they should use in order to develop their own in-house best practices for marketing. Here are some of the tools I recommend to them (most of them I use myself). Some of the links are affiliate links (meaning they will give me credit if you sign up through those links) although most are just because I love the companies and I think they’re great.

For Hosting

I was with BlueHost for about 4 years, but recently (2016) I noticed that my site was REALLY slow, their service was down more often, and I was getting 100% bounce rates. I switched to SiteGround and my experience has been nothing short of AMAZING!

Web Hosting

For Websites

WordPress – I’m partial to WordPress (and WooCommerce) – especially when it comes to helping small to mid-sized business get a great, up-to-date website template that they can also administer themselves.

ThemeForest – I go here often to find inexpensive templates for my clients.

For Email Marketing

While I’ve used MailChimp in the past, I’ve been using aWeber lately because I noticed that my deliverability rates were higher. I don’t love their reporting, but aWeber is still a great tool for timed auto-responders and it’s not too expensive.

For Email Data / Lead Generation

I use several tools, but my favorites are:

PopupAlly (WordPress plugin)


Plugmatter Feature Box Pro

For Online Course Delivery

Hands-down, the tool I recommend for online course delivery is Kajabi. This is the tool I use for my own online courses at learning.NeverStopMarketing.NET

However, there are several other good online course delivery tools including:

LearnDash (a great WordPress plugin for online learning)

Must-Have WordPress Plug-ins

If you’re using WordPress, use these plug-ins to get the most out of your website. Just make sure that they’re compatible with YOUR version of WordPress before you download and activate anything.

YoastSEO – helps you make sure you’re following the “foundational aspects” of SEO on your pages (it also helps make sure you’re actually DOING your SEO)

Shortcodes Ultimate – this plug-in has the most shortcodes for newbies

JetPack – while there are a lot of different “mini plug-ins” as part of JetPack, my favorite is the CSS Editor that creates a separate page for customizing CSS

Plugmatter Feature Box Pro – this plug-in provides different ways for you to collect email addresses on your WordPress site

Small Business Resources



My friends over at RedStag Fulfillment put together this helpful Small Business Resource Guide. This guide is filled links to important SBA (Small Business Association) Tools, links to Tax, Legal and Startup Resources, Crowdfunding, Loans – they really cover it all. Check it out!



Just a quick note – some of the links above ARE affiliate links (meaning I make money if you sign up), but a lot of them aren’t, they’re just great tools that will help you make your business more successful. Thanks!

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