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Tell me if this sounds familiar. You just got out of another meeting with your Marketing team or Marketing Consultant. During the whole meeting they’re talking about CTRs, CRs, ROI, “Hey! We’re on Page 1 of Google!”… you know what I mean. :)

But the whole time you’re thinking – this all SOUNDS great, but what is it really doing for my business? How do I know all of this marketing is working? You know marketing is important. It’s important to help you grow your business, know your customers – but there is SO much out there, how do you know if your marketing people are heading in the right direction?

You’re not alone.

In my 25 years as a marketing professional – working for companies large and small, as an employee and consultant – I have worked to help de-mystify this massive world of marketing (heck, I’ve even helped some fellow marketers).

Marketing today is as exciting, massive and confusing as it ever was. The internet has opened up millions of paths to your door and it’s hard to keep track of which paths need your attention and when.

But I can help you, I really can, because I’ve done it for others, just like you.

I can help you by giving you a rock-solid foundation on what’s important for you, a business owner or department head, to focus on when your marketing people are asking for more money for next year’s budget. I can help you figure out what questions to ask of them, what metrics to put in place – eventually you will see how you can turn all of that marketing money you may have been feeling you were “throwing out the window” into a revenue generation center.

You know WHAT you’re doing – but do you know WHY? Or HOW you can make it work better?

Never Stop Marketing

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The Power of Persuasion in Content Marketing

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Personal Branding – Don’t Hide Behind Your Logo

Personal branding is becoming more and more important – especially for solopreneurs, business coaches, advertising/marketing agencies, and even B2B service companies. In fact – when you look at some of the well-known agencies rocking it today (think Gary Vaynerchuck) – they’re ALL about Personal Branding. So what exactly IS Personal Branding and how can you


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