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Google Analytics – The 7 Reports That Matter For Small Businesses

OK – you have your Google Analytics code on your website – so now what? The amount of data available through Google Analytics is incredible – especially for a free tool – but it can be overwhelming, especially for small business owners that just want to “get to the point”. When you’re looking at Google

reasons why people unsubscribe from your list

6 Reasons Why People Unsubscribe From Your List

You’ve worked hard – and probably spent a lot of money – building your list, right? So you want to make sure people don’t unsubscribe from your list. But we’ve all been there – especially when we’re first starting out. Our excitement builds with each new subscriber, and then it happens… someone unsubscribes. CRUSHED… After

Advice for Solopreneurs

Breaking my eFunk – Day 5

There’s a line in a Jimmy Buffet song that goes something like this… “Changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes…” So today, with that song running round and round in my head (my brothers are bigger fans than I am – but I learned the words through osmosis and years of hearing that song during summers

Advice for solopreneurs - motivation techniques

Breaking my eFunk – Days 3 and 4

Advice for Solopreneurs – Motivation Techniques – Doing Nothing and Looking to the Past It’s now Day 4 of my 5-Day Challenge as I work to get myself out of my eFunk (entrepreneurial funk). So far I’ve tried: Getting Outside Pausing for Power Meditation These past 2 days were actually really productive in getting me

Advice for Solopreneurs - will meditation work

Breaking my eFunk – Day 2

Advice for Solopreneurs – Motivation Techniques – Will Meditation Do The Trick? As we all know, there’s no such thing as a “quick fix” – whether it’s building a business from scratch, or getting ourselves out of an eFunk (entrepreneurial funk). Being a solopreneur can be pretty awesome. You have control over your own destiny,

advice for solopreneurs

Breaking my eFunk – Day 1

Advice for Solopreneurs – Motivation Techniques – Take a Hike! Yesterday I shared with you that I’m currently working my way through an “eFunk”. You’ve probably been there too – that “entrepreneurial funk” where you just find that your energy and enthusiasm is low, you’re not working/thinking productively, and no matter how many great things

Advice for Solopreneurs

Breaking Out of an eFunk

Advice for Solopreneurs – Breaking Out Of Your Funk Hi, my name is Sue Laurent… and I’m in an eFunk. No – this is not some new dance craze. I have hit that point in the ebb and flow of a solopreneur’s journey where I’m just stuck in an “entrepreneurial funk”. I know it’s temporary, but as

should you outsource your social media

Should I Outsource My Company’s Social Media?

Is your Social Media Update Schedule driving you crazy? 5 Questions to Help You Answer: “Should I Outsource My Company’s Social Media?” Social media updates are important for your business. It helps keep you top-of-mind for your potential clients and customers, and it also helps build your brand’s presence online. But as a solopreneur or


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